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Posted by SharonEvans on June 28th, 2014

Over the years cocktail reception has acquired a reputation for being one of those corporate events which is elegance personified without carrying the burden of formality or pretense. Receiving a cocktail invitation usually invokes a reaction of excitement because it implies that what lies ahead is an evening of full of fun and mingling not to mention exotic culinary creations to feast on. For an event manager it translates into making arrangements for a party wherein style is echoed in every aspect and to match with it there should be a variety of drinks and snacks so that there is something for everyone in the eclectic crowd.

Since you have anyways fallen into a situation where in organizing a cocktail reception is in order, why not think in terms of adopting an eco friendly approach? Beginning with invitations it is indeed possible to go green and all you need to do is just tweak the existing traditions as per current choices. Thus, while it might be imperative to send out invitations, what is not obligatory is to send them on paper. You can design an attractive invitation card on your computer and send it across to everyone through email or social media network. Of course you would need to conform to rules that govern invitation for corporate events and adhere to them all along.

Moving on to other aspects of the party, corporate events usually have a strict dress code and a cocktail reception is no exception to this rule. Usually the norm states that the attire at such an event should be semi-formal and bearing in mind your decision to go green, you could choose your outfit from a store that specializes in environmental friendly textiles. Organic cotton, bamboo fiber, raw silk or hemp are some of the options that you must consider and carry yourself confidently throughout the event. Mentioning the dress-code in the invitation card is the next step so that the guests also turn up in some similar fabric.

A factor that determines the success of a cocktail reception is the food and beverage section and in this respect you can maintain your global image by serving preparations based on local produce. Whichever fruits, vegetables and grains are in season, these can be procured from the local market and concocted into attractive and mouth-watering snacks that would not just tempt everyone but will score well on the health quotient too. Another must at corporate events are an array of beverages and in keeping with the green theme you can opt for organic wines, fruit juices and beers based on vegetables.

It is possible to reflect your environmental concerns through décor too, meaning in terms of light, heat and decorations used for the cocktail reception. Plastic in any form should be a complete no-no for this event and so should paper napkins. Instead you could opt for serviettes of good quality and rely on attractive table cloths to grace the banquet table. A little more grace could be added to the party by placing lit candles at certain spots where they would not come in the way and would not pose a hazard. Wastage of food is inevitable at corporate events and you can channel it by donating the same to the food bank or public kitchen.

Corporate events are of various types and one of them is a cocktail which can assume the flavor of its host and reflect it in every way. One of the ways of making a cocktail reception stand out is to base it on eco friendly theme and organize every aspect accordingly.

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