Glitter Powder Has Been Produced In The World For Long Period

Posted by adortalukdar on June 28th, 2014

Glitter powder is a group of reflective, flat and small particles. They are applied on the surface so that they can reflect the right in different angles which makes the space to shimmer or to sparkle.  Glitter may be smaller to the sequins or confetti.   The glitter had been used for long for decorative reason.  They can be made in different materials like galena, glass, insects and malachite. The contemporary glitter is widely made by the use of plastic.

The glitter powder supplier may have more than 20,000 varieties and they are made from different materials, sizes and colors.  The commercial glitters are found in from 0.002 square inch.  Before producing the glitter, reflective materials, coloring and plastic are combined together.  The reflective materials are bismuth oxychloride, iron oxide, titanium dioxide and aluminum. The plastic sheets will then be cut into the tiny particles that have many shapes like hexagons, rectangles and square.

The glitter powder  had been used from prehistoric period in cosmetics and arts. Before mica flakes were put into the cave paintings in order to give them glittering appearance.  In the past glitters were made from sparkling minerals and powdered hematite. In ancient Egypt, they were making the glittering cosmetics from iridescent shells from beetles or use green malachite crystal. Mayan   temple was also painted by the use of grey, green and red glitter made from the Mica dust. Besides using the modern plastic to make glitter, glass can also be used to make a glittering place and glass glitter are produced for commercial needs.

Before, the sequins had to be woven or sewn on the fabric to create a glittering appearance. Edible glitter is made using the gum Arabic or other ingredients that are used in the culinary.  Modern fabrics can be made together with glitter. The glitter powder supplier also can supply cosmetic glitter used widely in on the nails and face so that the use can look sparkly and shiny.

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