Choose The Glitter Powder Depending On Your Needs

Posted by adortalukdar on June 28th, 2014

Glitter is used to embellish many things including fabrics, body or paper to add the glam, shine and interest. Buyers who want to use glitter powder, they need to know first why they need the glitters in the first place.  They should also know how long the glitter may need to stay on the place and the size of the glitter needed.  The type of your project also dictates the method to use in applying the glitter.

You can ask the advice from the glitter powder supplier on the right type of glitter to choose depending on the material you want to use it with. With some glitter, you may need to use the glue while for others they may come with their own glue or adhesive.  If the glitter has to be applied by the children, you have to use safe glue. You should also get all the material needed like all crafting material, stencils, paintbrushes or clean up tools.

 While looking for the glitter powder, you should start by knowing the types of the glitter you want and how they may affect the feel or the look of your project. You should also be aware of the glitter application method to use with it. The standard glitter is of medium size and shiny.  The sand or micro is smaller grain while powder glitter is known as dust glitter.  Flakes are larger flakes.

The finer the glitter, less glue that should be used since glitter may get lost into the glue.  Simple glue can be used to apply the glitter while others may need a thin adhesive so that they do not be damaged by glue.  Before applying the glitter, the user may need to let the glue dry for sometime so that it can be applied well. You can ask the glitter powder supplier to supply you the glitter and its glue to be sure that you are using the right glue for it.  

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