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Posted by Hvass Nguyen on January 6th, 2021

The Joint Entrance Examination (JedE) is a mandatory pre-requisite examination, all aspirants to a higher educational institution in Nigeria have to take. This is the very first step towards connecting tertiary education establishment. The exam is conducted by the Board of Education (BOE). For each and every student who successfully passes the examination, they will be granted a certificate. This article brings into consideration the newest Joint Admission and Matriculation Board News from June 2020, read through.

The BOE held a lottery to encourage more pupils to higher education institutions. They held the random drawing for the best students in the Magaluf Central High School on the first week of January or the first week of April. The winner will be given a spot at the high school. The latest jamb news is that about four hundred students were were likely to be provided a place to research at the JAMB campus.

On the second day of January, the Board of Education held a live webcast session for those that couldn't attend the scheduled lecture to notify them about the result and their location in the JAMB class. The latest gambit news is that all students who attended the class but couldn't log in because of technical problems, had their names entered into the draw. At the end of this live webcastthey were informed via email. A letter was sent to all those parents who didn't have an email ID. This was done so as to encourage more parents to register their kids to JAMB classes.

On the third day of JAMB 2021, the application deadline for direct entry registration has been passed. Students will be required to turn in their application forms by noon on the fourth day of JAMB. JAMB will then send out confirmation letters into the possible JAMB Novelty applicants along with a listing of JAMB approved centres where they can start the application procedure.

JAMB news revealed that there'll be a test on the last day of JAMB 2019. JAMB examination centers will send directions to their candidates to prepare for this exam. Once the candidates pass the preliminary examination, they will automatically be placed in the queue for JAMB examination seekers who still haven't turned in their application form.

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