Why Wordpress Is The Best Website Builder

Posted by powermarketing on June 30th, 2014

WordPress is an incredibly simple content management system that is used to develop websites from the simple to the extremely complex. It is simple to setup as well as easy to use and customize. Before there were WordPress websites, HTML was the most popular website builder design. The problem however with HTML websites was that you needed to edit the files in your website from your computer and then upload the files again through an FTP connection. You had to go through this same process every time you made changes to your website, no matter how small the alterations were. To make matters worse, if you were going to set up an HTML website, you needed to have an HTML web designer design your website. Unfortunately, hiring a web designer proved to be very expensive.

The greatest thing that makes WordPress the easiest to setup, compared to other website builders like Joomla and Drupal, is it requires the least amount of knowledge of MySQL. Once WordPress is installed on your site, you can easily find and install new themes to find precisely what you are searching for. For those people who have some coding savvy and like to get into the thick of things, coming up with a theme and adding your own custom code is possible and easier to dowith WordPress than with other CMS systems. These themes allow you to use background programming and templates created by your theme. They also allow you to customize specific PHP files and the CSS file when making your own changes to the site. This way, when your theme updates, you do not lose your changes.

In addition, starting with WordPress 3.8, your site can automatically update itself without you having totouch any of the FTP connections. All that you need to do is login to your website's WordPress admin and make changes from there! You can then proceed to publish posts and upload videos or pictures. This helps in keeping your WordPress sites much more secure. With WordPress being so commonly used and powerful, many web-hosting companies have a one click install option on their control pages.

Lastly, WordPress as a builder website designhas the simplest user interface. That is, adding blog entries, called posts or full static pages is very simple. You do not need to know any code to get a quality website up and running in a very short period of time. You simply utilize themes to modify the appearance and function of the website in minutes. Plugins are plentiful and simple to use. If you know what you are looking for, just search for the plugin from your WordPress admin console, find the plugin, and click install. You can add all kinds of functionality to your website likee-commerce, Google Ad Words and Google Analytics.

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