Medical Disposables Play an Important Role in the Healthcare Industry

Posted by Coherent Market insights on January 6th, 2021

Plastics are often used to make medical disposables as they are relatively inexpensive. Polycarbonates are used to make a syringe because of their strength and PVC because of its flexibility. On the contrary, reusable devices are usually made of more costly, sturdier materials such as steel or ceramics. Moreover, medical disposables are sterilized before leaving the manufacturing facility. Furthermore, to reduce human interaction, high production volumes of medical disposables call for an automated assembly in clean rooms. The device and packaging must be designed to accommodate sterilization.

Reprocessing of labeled medical equipment for ‘single-use’ has been standard practice in the United States hospitals for years, as they help cut costs and reduce medical waste. According to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) regulations, reprocessors must comply with the same requirements that apply to original equipment manufacturers before medical devices can be reprocessed and reused. However, there are some companies that have developed techniques that allow their disposables to be reused in various applications.

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