Advantages of using plissees and other blinds

Posted by alisonreid29 on June 30th, 2014

With the disruptive weather conditions and the heat increasing day by day, it has become imperative that some sun protection measure is incorporated in the design of buildings and in interior decoration such as usage of plissees and verdunkelungsrollo. Pleated blinds not just offer noise and light reduction but also save your upholstery and drapes from getting sun burnt. They look great on any door or window. You can either place a pleated blind and give a special look to a particular corner of the room or give all the windows the comfort of these blinds and keep your interiors way cooler without turning on the air conditioner. Blackout blinds are made in such a way that there will be perfect darkness and near perfect silence as they are extremely energy efficient and sound absorbent.

Verdunkelungsrollo or blackout blinds and plissees or pleated blinds look great on any kind of home decor. You can also use the kind of fabric that goes well with rest of the upholstery. There are several advantages of using these varieties of blinds to provide the much required sun protection for your interiors. If you live in place where the summer temperatures go up to great extent then you can use the blackout blinds which will completely block any trace of sunlight entering your home. This will also absorb the heat and light and keep down the interior temperatures. The pleated blinds are extremely stylish and elegant and can offer additional safety to homes that have pets and small children. Though there is fear of insects and dirt accumulating in the pleats, those can be cleansed with a little effort.

Types of plissees and verdunkelungsrollo available

Pleated blinds are available in a range of colours and textures though the most preferred are the ones in lighter shades. They are mostly made of paper and other materials that can last long and withstand heat and light. You can use it along with usual blinds for a special homely feel. You can take your pick from top down or bottom up plissees. They have cellular compartments which trap the heat and light and make them energy efficient and capable of absorbing loudest sounds. Verdunkelungsrollo are available in various shapes, colours and designs which will perfectly suit the theme of your interiors.

Advantages of using verdunkelungsrollo include complete protection from unwanted glares, sunlight and heat. The coating which is given to the blackout blinds makes the heat get reflected outside and so the interior temperatures remain low as compared to outside. The room will also not get unnecessarily heated and thus, your furniture and other home decor items remain safe and protected from heat. 

With the soaring temperatures and unforgiving heat, blinds and shades have become an important inclusion in designing your home decor. Giving due consideration to verdunkelungsrollo and plissees will help in ensuring that you have a cooler and more comfortable room without using an air conditioner by keeping the harsh rays where it is supposed to be – outside.

Good quality plissees and verdunkelungsrollo are important sun blocking mechanisms.

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