Digital Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2021

Posted by Stephen Taylor on January 6th, 2021

The year 2020 marked a sea change in how businesses operate. More products and services have moved online and the majority of businesses working remotely. Customer responses emerging during the COVID-19 pandemic have offered brand marketers diverse insights into the digital marketing trends that are working in the new normal and what they can now expect in 2021.

What are the digital marketing trends that will rule 2021 which your business can’t overlook? Here are the key six areas where dynamic brand marketers should invest their time and resources this year :

1. Conversational Marketing

A great way to provide value and get your customers more engaged is by adding interactive elements to customer communication. With 60% read rate and 35% response rate, conversational marketing is expected to disrupt traditional marketing platforms like emails with limited interaction options. (Source: This year, digital marketing fraternity is expected to embrace tools like moLotus with multiple customer response options like SMS, Callback, Click URL, USSD, etc. Brands will interact more with customers not only about their products and services, but also innovative uses of them in the context of current situations to help build trust and confidence.

2. Digital Transformation

Following the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, the pace of digital transformation has accelerated replacing the previous slow approach, changing the way businesses operate. With disruptive platforms like moLotus playing the pivotal role, digital transformation is expected to drive high margin revenues in 2021, improving the customer processes with speed, agility, and cost savings. moLotus driven digital transformation would assist organizations in managing Big Data, new customer onboarding, getting more conversions via mobile document submission, automating and streamlining recurring services, replacing plastic cards with mobile cards, and more.

3. Hyper-personalized Communication

This year hyper-personalization is expected to be the most preferred way of communicating and targeting online customers with tailored products and services. According to research from McKinsey, hyper-personalization will be a key factor in attaining success in digital marketing. Next-gen marketing tools like moLotus would be the best choice of marketers using customer data, AI, and advanced algorithms to precisely personalize mobile marketing campaigns.

4. Rich Media Marketing

If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic made customers relate to more than ever before is rich media and video topping the list of formats. To produce high performing advertising, rich media usage is expected to surge further this year. Successful ad campaigns would require new rich media advertising platforms like moLotus to stay ahead of the competition. moLotus rich media ads have proven to amplify advertising efforts with the distribution of 5 dynamic rich media formats - Video, Slideshow, Brochure, Greetings & Showcase via mobile messaging. With the high impact video ads extending up to 2 minutes long, moLotus is expected to be the main driver of developments in advertising this year. The enhanced richness offered by moLotus ads will continue to increase customer engagement.

5. Reach and Scalability

In 2020, even the most optimistic predictions fell short of foreseeing the drastic change in consumer behaviour. Marketing campaigns triggered by traditional platforms couldn’t offer the kind of reach and scalability needed to cater to this tech-savvy customer base. This year brand marketers are expected to rely more on new-age tools like moLotus offering massive reach and scalability. Its spam-free technology quickly delivers automated messages to a huge customer database directly into their inbox on all mobile handsets, irrespective of phone type or model – 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G smartphones, i-phones, and feature phones without requiring any app download or data connection.

6. Actionable Data

2021 will see more emphasis on actionable data. This data signifies the missing connection between business propositions and big data. Data in itself is useless without analysis as it mostly exists in excessively unstructured, multi-format, and voluminous form. Businesses will extensively focus on data analytics that will help in extracting actionable data insights and therefore will invest more in big data analytics and advanced report generation tools like moLotus. 

As we have entered into 2021, taking into account these digital marketing trends could be a great way to strategize and move forward. The new year brings you a breakthrough opportunity to shift resources from traditional tools to the new age moLotus platform and generate more leads, grow sales, acquire, retain, and engage more customers. Focus on the imperatives - revenue & cost and leave the rest on moLotus. 

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