Overview of ISO 20252 Certification and Its Requirements

Posted by John Mills on January 6th, 2021

ISO 20252 applies to any market and social research agencies where continuous and reliable delivery of quality services is essential.ISO 20252 focuses on issues such as Market and Social Research, Self-Completion, and Observational Data Collection, Quantitative and Culinary Research, Including Online and Offline. ISO 20252 has been An internationally established framework and non-developed framework for providing a general level of quality for world market research.

ISO 20252 is required to be responsible for the quality of client service, and the development, interpretation, and continuous improvement of the system. It also requires the appointment of a qualified manager with sufficient authority to be responsible for and in control of the entire system. Other issues covered by this standard are the requirements for the confidentiality of research, project Documents, training, and outsourcing.

ISO 20252 focuses on issues such as market and social research, self-completion and observation data collection, and quantitative and qualitative research, including the market offline and offline. A good data management and processing practice includes the recruitment and training of field workers, coding, analysis, document retention, and the definition of (privacy policy requirement). In addition to the rules and definitions of ISO 20252 Documents, market, opinion, and service requirements, as well as quality management system requirements, are determined for social research associations and professionals.

ISO 20252 requires senior management responsible for continuous improvement in the system to apply the standard for companies, customer relationships, service quality development, and interpretation. At the same time, the appointment of a quality manager should be done with sufficient authority and control over the entire system. Other topics covered by this standard include research, project documentation, education, and outsourcing secrecy.

Market and social research continue to flourish if quality levels are maintained and improved:

• Buyer and users for market and social research understand the quality management systems and have the confidence to ask for them when buying research

• Participants in the market and social research know that researchers are committed to protecting their interests

The Benefits of ISO 20252

• Ensure timely delivery of quality services

• Improve operational management and control of research processes

• Reduce errors and rework

• Enhance user reputation and provide a competitive advantage

• Improves product and service quality

• Improves buyer confidence

How to use full ISO 20252?

ISO 20252 should be essential for the market research industry. Users worldwide - companies, governments, research institutes, consumer organizations, universities, and marketing and advertising agencies - will benefit through global relevance, traceability, and continuous improvement. Also, it will enable clients to observe globally capable, copper able, and homogenous feedback and make better-informed choices of service providers.

The Requirements of ISO 20252

1.Research - the processes your business must follow to run a successful Management System that helps you to conduct and analyze market, opinion, and social research

2.Management Responsibility - the areas where your management team need to focus on, be involved with and be accountable for

3.Resource Management - how resources such as people, infrastructure, and facilities must be assigned to ensure the best possible performance

4.Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement - the final clauses within the ISO 20252 standard cover how you can determine if your Management System is working as expected, facilitating the continual improvement of your system

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