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Posted by John Smith on July 3rd, 2014

People are not very clear about Naturism. Naturism can be explained in simple words as a culture and practice of people visiting different venues or places without wearing any clothes, both in private as well as in public. It might sound very odd to believe but yes it is true. The people going naked to beaches are called Naturists. But the question that stands is why would one go nude? The answer is very simple yet difficult to understand the true meaning. People visit venues to enjoy themselves completely in the fresh breeze and other leisure of nature.

Many people tend to practice nudism and for their practicing there are number of nude beaches, camps, resorts where one can enjoy himself/ herself freely. But, one should first keep this in mind that naturism does not involve any kind of sexual activity. These venues are open for all the age group and as well as there is no restriction for people with disabilities. The feeling that one gets at a resort being nude with oneness with nature can’t be felt anywhere. Naturist Resorts are communities where people can freely enjoy with their family and friends just like any normal clothes settings. At these resorts there is no need to cover yourself with clothes because that’s you are there for. The nature’s fresh air gives you relaxation and offers you peace with lowering your anxiety.

A child can also be a naturist. But, since he or she is not mature to understand the true purpose of being a Naturist he/she just enjoys himself/herself as he/she would do at a normal beach or resort. Child naturists are mostly the children of naturists and people who want their children to learn about the culture of Nudism or Naturism . Family naturists are people of the same family who are often nude with or in front of their family members either in the house or garden or at a nudist community and carrying out normal day to day activities.

We were all born naked and should not be shy to reveal our body. Nudists view being bare as simply an afterthought . The feeling of a nice breeze against your skin in a hot day is soul soothing while being in tuned with nature and all of its surroundings. Families love to spend their vacations at nude resorts and participate in  various activities like swimming, racing, hiking, cycling, boating and etc...

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