Outbound Dialer Vendors ? An Overview

Posted by Aaeesha on July 3rd, 2014

Outbound Dialer’s objectives can be enhanced with the help of automated predictive dialing and even for inbound or blended, inbound as well as outbound campaigns. These call center solutions can increase the productivity of the agents by improving and increasing the customer satisfaction. They reduce the operating costs as well as they gather market intelligence. They are progressive, predictive, preview and message lay down dialing is provided. They have an intelligent call suppression while avails agent scripting facility. It also has a function of multi number predictive dialing facility. It automatically moves the outbound agents to inbound queues when call volume increases and then back to outbound when inbound service levels meet.

The agents use the same hosted dialer interface for all kinds of calls. As being a part of the sales technology landscape, there was a creation of a category known as Dialing and it was believed that this would be an emerging and very important category of technology which would offer significant productivity gains to the Outbound Dialer vendors. There are several of phone dialer vendors and dialing technologies available in current scenario and it is configured into ten categories.

1.Click to call
2.Click to dial
3.Preview dialer
4.Power dialer
5.Progressive dialer
6.Predictive dialer
7.Live conversation automation
8.Auto dialer
9.Inbound call routing and automated call distribution

The Outbound dialer vendors are very much popular in today’s time because in outbound we call up the customers and for the same call centers require a dialer in large quantities. Basically an outbound dialer is used for outbound IVR, outbound messaging, customer service, relationship management, fundraising, tele services, collections, telemarketing, etc. The automated dialer is used for increasing the revenue, decreasing labor costs, increasing customer service capabilities, increasing the contact coverage, optimizing the calling order, consistently records the results, manages callbacks with effectiveness and manages inbound and outbound traffic at the same time.

The call center solutions software includes various aspects which are very important to be accepted and to be considered. This includes predictive dialer, VOIP call center, and auto dialers, do not call lists, interactive voice response (IVR), Voice mail and PBX integration, computer technology integration (CTI), call recording and monitoring the same. But regardless of the ways in which the customers conduct their interactions with the contact center or the call centers, they will still want personalization, efficiency and security service which should be delivered by knowledgeable and skilled employees who are much aware about the functioning of the systems. Due to this it can provide the center with far more value than any individual, standalone applications, etc. the center can be benefited from simpler and more economical administration and maintenance along with the convenience of working with a single solution provider.

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