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Cricket is a rather old sport and can be dated back do the 17th century. It originated in England and with colonization spread around the globe. Now it is one of the most famous sports around the world and is played with enthusiasm and vigor each year. Betting on sports is a very common thing but the fame of cricket betting has proportionately increased the popularity and fame of cricket itself. Similar to the gambling industry sports betting and especially cricket betting industry is a very big one. Some of the countries around the world have legalized cricket betting and are regulating cricket betting rather than completely banning cricket betting. In other countries you can practice cricket betting if you have a particular license for gambling and betting. And Lastly, in some countries, cricket betting entirely illegal to. It is important to note that even in the countries where cricket betting is illegal it is still being practiced on a large scale. For example, in India even though cricket betting is illegal according to an estimate almost rupees 10,000 crores two 30,000 crores are placed on cricket betting each match. Cricket betting is such a large industry or business that completely ignoring its existence is not the best course of action. The entire subject of legalizing cricket betting or sports betting has been a controversial one. But overtime we are seeing a shift in the public opinion regarding cricket betting. People overtime are becoming more receptive to the entire idea of legalizing cricket betting in the countries that have not legalized it yet.

So, what are the countries where cricket betting is legal? Why is cricket betting legal there? And why even though such a large amount of cricket betting business exists in countries like India then why is it is not legal there? All of these questions are perfectly natural to have and we have got you all covered. In the upcoming discourse we will discuss all of these questions and detailed I will also note down the main countries in which cricket betting is legal.


The first name that pops up when you think about the countries in which cricket betting is legal is England. England as the birthplace of cricket and people England really enjoyed the game. They not only play the game, but they also bet on it and show the support for their favorite teams and players through betting. In the past cricket betting was not legal in England as well but in 2005 and you act was enforced which made cricket betting legal in England. This act is called the gambling act of 2005 and it basically just regulated the sports betting that has existed in England. Sometimes eradicating a thing from its root is not possible specially when it is through intertwined with your culture. owning to what is going on and legalizing it can be the best course of action. This act has helped England to regulate the sports betting that is going on there. The ECB that is the England and Wales cricket board is regulating and had enforced a set of rules to help satisfy all the stakeholders involved. Therefore, the birthplace of record not only practices and celebrates cricket but also acknowledges the existence of cricket betting as well.


I Australia and New Zealand are on top of the countries when it comes to legal sports betting and cricket betting make a cricket betting. A large number of Australian people are involved and some form of gambling. Gambling and sports betting (specially cricket betting) are immensely popular among the matters in Australia. According to an estimate about 80% of the entire Australian population is involved in gambling. Australian government regulates sports gambling and cricket gambling while people freely getting more into cricket betting. All the cricket betting operations in Australia are being regulated by Cricket Australia and also Closely monitored by them.  One of the most interesting facts regarding cricket betting in Australia and gambling as that you do not have to pay tax on your gambling winnings. Instead, the revenue is generated by or through the operator themselves. This is something that makes cricket betting or sports betting in Australia different from other places. Apart from Cricket Australia CA some regulations are also imposed on the provincial level.

Cricket bedding is also legal in New Zealand and is being regulated by the Department of internal affairs. Although cricket betting is legal and New Zealand not a very large market for at exist there. All the cricket betting, sports betting, and gambling activities are monitored and regulated by the government first of the act in place as the gambling act of 2003. Even though Australia and New Zealand are located in close proximity to one another but the entire marketplace for gambling, sports gambling and cricket meeting are entirely different. However, the fact remains that cricket betting is legal in both of these countries. Both of these countries are very developed, and they have smartly dealt with the problem of gambling and cricket betting and sports betting that existed in then. The moved past the entire idea of forcefully removing cricket betting from their culture and just accepted it the way it was operating. This is a great way to deal with such a situation as in this kind of scenario all the stakeholders are getting a bit of what they wanted. The government gets to regulate the activities that are going on under their rule while the cricket betters and the bookies and operators are different casinos get to practice whatever they were doing before.


Another country that has legalized cricket betting is South Africa. Cricket betting is now legal in South Africa but that has not always been the case for them. In the past cricket betting was not legal in South Africa as well, even though it was running in parallel to the popularity of cricket. The fact that it was illegal was not helping and people were still practicing cricket betting regardless of it being illegal. So, in 2004 under the gambling act the South African government accepted the sports and cricket betting that was going on and made it legal. The gambling act of 2004 allows the involved parties too exchange money and wagers depending upon their cricket betting odds. The government has enforced a wide array of regulations on cricket betting and they are being practice under it.


Sri Lanka is also one of the countries where cricket betting is legal. A lot of people get involved into cricket betting easier but the marketplace for cricket betting is comparatively smaller than other countries where cricket betting is legal. A lot of people put in their money into cricket betting each year, but their involvement is usually around their national team. During Indian Premier League season that is the IPL there is again a surge and increase in the number of cricket betting being practiced. Other than these two main things we do not see that a lot of people are getting involved into cricket betting despite it being legal. people are definitely interested in it, but they definitely don't feel encouraged by the legalization of cricket betting. cricket betting in Sri Lanka is also regulated by the government.

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Apart from the countries mentioned above cricket betting is also legal in a lot of other countries. The legalization of gambling and sports betting or cricket betting has not really impacted the entire dynamics of the country in any negative way. This is probably because of the fact that forcefully removing cricket betting that has such a long history and goes way back is not that easy. But there also arises the question that if the removal of cricket betting is even that important. Legalizing cricket betting or sports betting and gambling does not necessarily mean that you are encouraging this behavior. It just simply means that you are acknowledging the existence of cricket betting and are making an effort to regulate cricket betting. We have seen that a lot of people have to go through scams and frauds in cricket betting or sports betting, but they cannot go anywhere to report that. They do not have a safety net to fall back to. So, if the government will acknowledge gambling and sport betting or cricket betting as legal this will also help the general public to ask for help from the government of anything goes wrong. I am not entirely imposing that cricket betting should be made legal because it depends on the culture and other values of the country, but it is high time that we start talking about these things as well. Turning a blind eye to such topics and not talking about them because they are too controversial is not going to solve anything. We need to start somewhere and that somewhere can simply mean talking about and thinking about cricket betting. Even though it is not legal it is being practiced in most of the countries so why not just regulate it. 

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