Being in the shelter of Mother nature

Posted by John Smith on July 3rd, 2014

Just like a child is born nude, some people practice or tend to practice nudism or naturism at every age. So, nudism or naturism both are the same face of a coin. Naturism is not that clear to people and they misunderstand the culture of naturism. Naturism in simple words is a culture and practice of people who practice or tend to practice by visiting different places without wearing any type of clothes. That means completely naked just like a new born baby. It is practiced in both private as well as public. It sounds weird or disturbing to some people but yes it is true and is being practiced all over the globe. And the people going and enjoying naked at beaches are called Naturists. But, what people are keen to know is why would anyone go nude?

The answer is very easy but still very difficult to understand the true meaning. Naturists enjoy themselves in the fresh breeze and among the other pleasures of nature. Naturists are also normal people who tend to enjoy and feel relaxed and free in the shelter of Mother Nature. But, you would still ask why to go naked to be in the presence of Mother Nature? The answer is ‘to color your life with nature’ which conveys a very deep and true meaning.

Many people practice nudism at number of nude beaches, camps, resorts where has not to worry and can enjoy himself/ herself freely. These venues are open for people of all age group as well as there are restrictions for disabled people. Naturist Resorts are the resorts just like normal resorts but with a slight modification of you being completely naked and enjoying with your friends and family. But, one should first keep in mind that naturism dos not involve any kind of sexual activity. At these resorts you have no need to wear or carry any clothes because that’s why you are there for. The fresh breeze gives you relaxation and takes away all your tension and stress offering you peace.

A child of any religion and culture can also become a naturist. Child naturists are the children of naturists or people who want their children to understand the culture of naturism so that as they grow they could be able to control their anxiety and learn about sexuality and thus lead a successful life. A child’s brain at the age of 5-6 develops very fast and so does his/ her learning. Family naturists are the people of same family who practice nudism either at their house or at a nude resort or beach. There is nothing wrong being naked in front of your children, it might provide them with important information and maintain decorum in their life. People feel free at nude resorts where they are accompanied by other naturists including their family and friends to share their ideas and experiences.

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