Backyard cabins: Bringing a slice of rustic to urban living

Posted by amandatom on July 3rd, 2014

The backyard of your homestead serves as a perfect natural setting for a log cabin. The lush green garden around and the open firmament overhead serve as the perfect backdrop for backyard cabins made from wood logs. Just as the postcard picture, such an outdoor cabin has a rustic charm about it that gives homeowners a break from the experience of living in modern modular homes. The cabins feature the simplest of structures modelled after the homes found in the rural areas. These cabins date back to as early as the 3500 BC in the continental Europe, and later came to be built in other parts of the world, starting with the United States, Germany, Scandinavia, etc. 

Even to this day, these log cabins are still used for permanent residency in some parts of the globe. However, their sizes and designs of the cabin vary, depending on the part of the world they are built in. Inspired by the simplicity of the rustic style of living, modern day city dwellers find the idea of living in backyard cabins a welcoming experience. An idea imported from the outback of Australia, the cabins have now become a part of modern living.

However, the present day cabins are a little different in construction from their real counterparts. Originally, they are built with logs places horizontally one on top of another to build the walls. The logs for the cabins are handpicked to pile serially. Before they are set, they are whit to smoothen up so that the gaps in between are as minimal as possible. The backyard cabins are however a little different. Though constructed in the same way, they are broken into pieces for the ease of instalment. The cabin just needs to be assembled and it’s all ready to house the dwellers.

When you’re buying a log cabin for your garden, there are a couple of things that you need to take into consideration. The size of the garden is a big factor as it should determine whether it can accommodate the size of your outhouse. For small spaces, smaller cabins fit better while larger spaces can house spacious cabins. The modern cabins are built in ready-to-erect style, with the help of a package of cabin kits. Though they are very similar to the original cabins in their appearance and feel, they just make the prospect of installing backyard cabins so much easier.

Such cabins are ubiquitous in the market. A number of retailers have taken to catering the Australian market with these products. Same as conservatories, a log cabin is now a thing of fashion. However, finding ready-to-install houses are easier than finding makers. Do your research well in order to find the best quality cabins for a cheap price. But, do mind the quality of timber, the design, dimension and other things before you purchase them. The retailers normally send their workmen to set the cabin up for the users. However, you still take the help of the manual for a learning DIY job.

Planning to set up a cabin in your backyard space to enjoy quiet weekends? Buy ready-to-assemble backyard cabins and other outhouses from us at affordable prices.

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