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Posted by John Smith on July 3rd, 2014

One is born nude so there should no shame in being nude. But, people don’t understand this and take it against themselves and their cultures. But Naturism or nudism whatever you call are the same sides of a coin. Naturism is a practice of people to visit venues without wearing any clothes. They are called ‘Naturist’. They are just like normal people. It is a way to relax and feel free in the presence of Mother Nature. But, the question stands that why would one go nude to be with Mother Nature? The answer is simple yet tough to understand. The answer is ‘to color your life with nature’.

People of every group can become a naturist. There are a number of different places like nude beach, resorts, camps, etc where one can enjoy and feel free in nature. Naturist resorts are the resorts where one has nothing to worry and can roam naked freely with family and friends. These resorts are not only for physically fit people but also have no restrictions for people with disabilities. We http://disablednaturist.com are a community that has its center around this population who practice or tends to practice nudism. We teach people with disabilities everything about naturism or nudism. We serve as a source to gather nudists from all over the globe to come together and share their ideas, experiences knowledge on our website. We happen to share the do’s and the don’ts of naturism and guide them especially we observe the disabled.

A child is the youngest member of a family and at the age of 5-6 a child’s brain develops very fast and so does his/ her learning. At this age a child could be introduced to nudism so that in future he/ she could maintain the decorum in their respective lives. Child naturists whether they are have disability or not can be guided through our website. Young people needs guidance and motivation to live successful life and not be shamed for what he/she is. We help these children so that they don’t feel ashamed of their body and live a colorful life.

Family naturists are the people of same family which practice naturism at their house or at a nude resort or beach. People visit venues to enjoy themselves completely in the fresh breeze and other leisure of nature. People feel free at nude resorts where they could be accompanied by other naturists and share their ideas and experiences. We believe that it is our responsibility to help a person with a disability. Our motto is:“We are all capABLE to become naturists”. Our community is always happy to receive new members, so take a tour and if you like what you see stick around!

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