Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Data Management Training ? An Overview

Posted by Aaeesha on July 4th, 2014

The two important offshoots of pharmacology are Pharmacovigilance and clinical data management. Though both may sound a little similar, they are two different branches of studies with different purposes.

When you take up a Pharmacovigilance training program, you will be learning about the various factors related to drug safety. Basically, it deals with the adverse reactions of the drugs, and the problems created due to overdose or misuse of drugs. All the data related to the drug and its effects on various ages and types of people are collected using a process called clinical trial. The data collected during the clinical trials are studied and analyzed to decipher its effects on the human system. The clinical trial should be unbiased and conducted on a very large scale to ensure reliable results.

Clinical Data Management Training, on the other hand, deals with entry, verification and validation of all the information that is conducted during a clinical trial. This training program will not only give you an in-depth knowledge of the entire process, but also help develop your skills for data correlation. You should have a keen eye for detail, and must be able to correlate huge volumes of data in order to successfully manage all the clinical data.

Clinical trials are the basic steps in both branches of pharmacology. You should learn how to collect data, what type of data to collect, and how to interpret all the data. The training program will be aimed at helping you learn these basic requisites of clinical trials, so you can do clinical data management as well as Pharmacovigilance.

Are you wondering why you should complete clinical data management training or Pharmacovigilance training when you already have a degree in natural science or pharmacy? This training program will not only help you brush up on your knowledge, but will also give you a practical viewpoint of the entire process.

Some pharmacovigilance training institutes may also make arrangements for you to work directly in a pharmaceutical company. So, you will have the first hand knowledge and practical experience of everything related to drug safety and study of adverse drug effects.

Moreover, completing a training program will give you an edge over competition in the job market. You will be able to confidently talk about your skills and practical knowledge at the job interview, thanks to the clinical data management training or Pharmacovigilance training you have completed.

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