Collecting Navy Challenge Coins ? A Fun and Informative Hobby

Posted by dunitzsantrino on July 4th, 2014

Is collecting coins your hobby? Then, have you thought about adding navy challenge coins to your collection of coins? Unlike what a lot of people think, numismatics is not just a money making (spending) hobby, but a very interesting pass time too. Coins hold more than monetary value, they talk about the history and culture of the era in which they were made. Any numismatist will know the historical significance of each and every coin he or she collects.

Why don’t you expand your collection of coins with challenge coins? Wondering what they are? Let us take a look at the brief history of these coins. Also known as military coins, these medallions were generally found in circulation amongst the defense personnel. These coins bear the logo or insignia of a battalion or regiment. Initially, these coins were given to the members of the battalion to foster team spirit and give them a sense of belonging. Soon these coins were exchanged between defense personals as a mark of respect and brotherhood. Sometimes, when challenges were made and a person won the challenge, the loser would give his or her coin to the winner. It also serves as a mark of identification that a soldier belonged to the particular regiment. In the yesteryears, these coins have even saved the lives of many soldiers, because the only way they could provide proof for belonging to a particular battalion or nation was with this coin they had.

Bill Clinton had a huge collection of challenge coins that were presented to him by the US service men. Now, those coins are displayed in the Clinton Library.

Navy challenge coins are made of a variety of materials, from iron to bronze to copper. There are even coins made of gold and silver. Though most of these coins are round shaped, you can find some with different patterns and edge designs. Some coins even have a hole at the center or the logo of the battalion cut out at the center of the coin. Such coins are a little difficult to find, and make a collector’s memorabilia.

Gone are the days when military coins would be found only with the defense people. Now, you can see them among the civilians too. If you don’t know anyone who is collecting challenge coins, you can always go online and check. There are numerous stores that offer challenge coins of different varieties and styles. Improve your coin collection’s worth with these navy challenge coins.

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