Customised Clothing vs. Ready Made Clothing

Posted by ssashirts on July 4th, 2014

Custom tailored clothing offers flexibility in style, fit, and comfort. Ready to wear shirts and apparel create issues for people with not-so-average body shapes and proportions. Because ready-made clothing is often made for standard-size bodies, people with uniquely shaped bodies often find a hard time finding clothes that fit their physique and body structure perfectly. This is where custom tailoring comes in. It’s a very practical way for people to get perfectly fitting clothes, especially formal dresses, suits, and coats. Custom T-shirts is also becoming popular, especially with people looking for comfortable alternatives to more formal office uniforms. They are also used for organizations, and even schools and social clubs. When looking for custom shirt makers, go for companies that ensure the quality of every product and provide you with great flexibility when it comes to customizing your designs.

Custom tailored clothing offers the perfect fit, and can even be designed in anticipation of physical changes as you have full control of all the measurements and other specifications of the design. Custom tailors, even provide you with the freedom to choose from, high quality fabric selections that will best suit the purpose of your clothing, whether it is for rough sports, day uniforms, or everyday wear. This also means excellent quality fabric you simply won't get in ready-to-wear clothes.

Because custom shirts are made to fit, you also save time and energy from having your clothes altered to suit your body shape. Selections when it comes to fabric, style, and design are also endless, especially when you choose to work with experienced tailors and shirt makers that have been in the business for ages. Proportions will also be just right for your body, saving you the time from finding the correct sleeve or hem, length from the racks after racks of ready to wear shirts. While custom-tailored shirts do take time to produce, they still offer greater benefits in terms of fit and quality. Tailored shirts are also made with incredible workmanship, as opposed to mass-produced shirts. Craftsmanship is the hallmark of tailored and custom-made clothing, offering more precise stitching and designs that perfectly fit your specifications. Commercially produced shirts simply don't have the same intricacies as custom-tailored clothing.

Whether you want custom shirts for a massive event or for corporate use, find a tailor that specialises in custom designs to make sure you get high quality end products that last.

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SSA Shirts is an Australian owned custom clothing company. They specialise in manufacturing premium quality polo shirts, corporate shirts for business events and promotions, clubs, schools and sporting teams. Their experienced in-house designers and pattern makers are expert in providing exceptional comfort and fit shirts with style. All of their products are manufactured in their own factories in Australia and Asia.


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