Diesel Inverter Generators Are An Extremely Reliable Source Of Power

Posted by mygenerator on July 4th, 2014

Diesel generators are not only reliable sources of power, they are also one of the safest alternative power sources to use in varying applications. Diesel, the fuel that these machines use is less explosive than other types of fuel, thus reducing the risk of fire, blast-related accidents and disasters. Generators with diesel engines are also very durable, as they are often built for rugged use. Additionally, diesel offers big savings in fuel consumption, extending your fuel dollars up to 40% compared to other resources.

Disadvantages like excessive noise and high maintenance costs have also been overcome by today's modern diesel engines, making them very reliable alternatives for those who prefer diesel to other types of fuel (Petrol or Gas). Diesel engines not only offer ruggedness, flexibility, fuel efficiency, and long lifespan, they also require less maintenance as they don't have spark plugs nor spark wires to maintain.

The following are key benefits of diesel generators you must consider when searching for a reliable generator engine to provide you power whenever needed:

  • Diesel generators are designed for ruggedness, running long hours even when used in different environments and weather conditions.
  • Diesel is also a readily available and cost-effective fuel, making it easier to supply machines with the fuel they need to work continuously and effectively.
  • There is no risk of spark plug related accidents as diesel engines don't require these mechanisms to operate. Starting diesel engine generators, therefore, is much safer. For the same reason, there is less risk of explosion and fire, as diesel engines are not gas combustion engines.
  • Diesel burns cleaner than other types of fuel, making it the greener, more environment-friendly choice. It is also less flammable and because it does not evaporate quickly, you get more out of each litre/gallon that you put in the machine.
  • Diesel engines also require less frequent maintenance service. A low-speed 1500 rpm water cooled unit can operate for more than 10,000 to 15,000 hours before needing maintenance, while a high-speed 3000 to 3600 rpm air cooled unit can last for up to 4,000 to 5,000 hours before maintenance.

Diesel gensets are very practical choices for an alternative power source. If you are looking for a reliable generator for your home or for other outdoor/industrial/commercial/domestic application, look for suppliers that can offer you a range of high quality brands that can be customised to suit your needs.

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