Types and uses of bugle and twin beads

Posted by AxelPrice on July 4th, 2014

Fashion trends are never stagnant. They are ever changing and with them are altered the materials with which different items are created whether they are clothes, accessories or footwear. At present there is a lot of attention on seed beads including different kinds of beads such as bugle beads and twin beads. With all the complex situations that surround us in workplace or outside, we are looking for newer ways to go back to nature and start living a life of simplicity. Beads are somewhat symbolic to this desire as there is nothing spectacular or extraordinary about them but when they are carved or woven into an item, they can create wonders in unison. They are affordable and are available in a variety of designs and colours and can be easily purchased without losing sleep over it.

What are bugle beads?
These are long beads in the shape of tubes and are available in lengths of size ranging of 1/2" to 2". They are called so because of their shape like bugles. Though this is the standard size, the length can vary from one manufacturer to the other. They are available in the following colours: Silver lined, Red, Blue, Amethyst, Olive, Topaz or Crystal finish.

Bugle beads are also available in packs of mix beads along with other types of beads or variants of bugles and you can order what you require. If you are a shop owner and wish to buy in wholesale amounts then the rates will be different than what they would have been if you are a consumer and looking for a few pieces of beads.

What are twin beads?
These beads are the most popular of all the beads that are available as they can be stitched from both sides and hence they can be used to weave attractive pieces of jewellery or home decor items. Twin beads are called so as they have holes on either sides which makes it easier to sew them and create your favourite piece. These beads are available in the following range of colours: Bronze, Blue, Grey, Dark and light shades of purple, Orange, Yellow, Red or Fuchsia.

If you are creating an artwork then you can try sewing a few pieces of twin beads here and there to add an ethnic feel to the entire piece. Twin beads can also be used to create wonderful sets of jewellery with neckpieces, earrings and bracelets and these can be worn with any kind of dresses, whether you are planning to attend a brunch with friends or an evening party with office colleagues.

Both twin beads and bugle beads have become very commonly favoured addition to any kind of modern fashion accessory, clothes or home decoration pieces. This is because they are not just available at an extremely low price range but the there is an amazing variety to choose from which makes them a favourite among designers. So, grab your own set of beads and give a vent to that creative instinct that has remained hidden for long.

Both bugle beads and twin beads can be used to create pieces of art.

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