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Posted by AxelPrice on July 4th, 2014

Not every piece of jewellery is expensive. Bead jewellery is popular among women in all cultures and these are the most inexpensive pieces of jewellery that you will ever come across. Beads are available in all shapes and colours and this enables the jewellery makers to create astonishingly pretty pieces of jewellery using beads. They use different types of beads like twin beads to create wonderful looking pieces. Bead jewellery making is so easy that even you can make your own pieces at home. Czech beads are among the best in the world and you can buy them for next to nothing.

Before World War II, the best glass beads were produced in Czechoslovakia, in the Bohemian region. In fact, all the countries in the entire Iron Curtain were known to produce the best beads. Beads were also produced in Italy, France and Germany, but it was Eastern Europe where the best beads were manufactured. All the production facilities were destroyed during the war. Although beads are still produced in the region, it is Czech Republic where the best beads are produced. On the commercial front, Japan has taken over as the best bead producer in the world.

You will find people saying that Czech beads are expensive. Yes, some of the beads are highly expensive. But these are not the beads that you buy for making jewellery. The most expensive beads are those that were produced in Czechoslovakia before the war. These beads are now considered as collectors’ items and this is why they are expensive.

But for producing jewellery, you need to buy Czech beads that are produced now. You get different types of these beads available and they cost you almost nothing. Twin beads are among the most popular beads. These are produced in Czech Republic as well as in other countries like Japan and India.

Twin beads are beads with two holes. These are slightly extended beads with space for twin holes. These beads are used in making slightly more elaborate looking jewellery. Two strings can be passed through these beads, one through each hole. Thus, a necklace or a bracelet can be made to look thicker when you use these beads. Twin beads are available across retail and online stores. You can choose all colours and shapes depending upon what you want to create.

Making children create jewellery using Czech beads is a great idea. Boys obviously are not interested in making bead jewellery, but girls certainly are. A group of girls can make some fantastic jewellery using beads. They learn how to work together and use their creative side for designing. This always helps in the long run when these girls grow up. They are usually more creative; their motor skills are developed and they also tend to be more social.

Czech beads in the form of twin beads and more are excellent for the development of children. Jewellery designing with beads is a creative hobby that doesn’t cost much at all. You can buy the best beads online.

You can easily encourage creativity with Czech beads like twin beads.

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