An Overview of Bath Products and Making Money

Posted by happyhippobath25 on July 5th, 2014

Life is full of a large amount of stresses that just will not go away. You take on one and finish it and something else crops up and such is life. Being able to handle these and keeping it together is very essential to survival and sometimes you just need a little push in that regard to maintain your sanity.

Among the most common stress-busters is a warm bath to relax your tired achy muscles after a long day. Adding bath salts to your bath completes the equation and leaves you feeling relaxed & rejuvenated.

Epsom salt benefits

Different kinds of bath salts can be used to achieve this. Epsom salt is the most common because of its wide range of benefits. It relaxes muscles, relieves stress, softens skin, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles on your skin.

Magnesium sulphate, the main component in Epsom salt, is said to restore your body’s natural processes. This includes the release of toxins from your system. The magnesium sulphate increases the amount of digestive enzymes present in the pancreas and the sulphate makes the walls of your digestive tract stronger to make the release of toxins easier.

Bath bombs

Sometimes all you need is an explosion of aromas to get you going. Smell is a powerful tool to improve your mood and relax after a hard day. Adding the awesome aromas to your bath water is the easiest way to use your sense of smell to relieve stress.

Bath bombs are the perfect choice for this. They have some baking soda in them so they begin to fizz as soon as they touch the bath water. As it dissolves for up to 45 seconds it releasing the skin softening ingredients and scrumptious aroma fills the air. The result is relaxed muscles and soft skin that smells heavenly.

Making money

Apart from a good time in the bath these products can also be used to raise funds for your Sports Team, Dance Studio, Club or School. A number of successful fundraisers in Canada have been held using these bath products from Happy Hippo. In fact one school sold almost $15,000 during their two week event.

Happy Hippo will provide free sales brochures, free order forms and free shipping so there are no upfront costs to your Organization. During your event date each individual sells popular Happy Hippo to family and friends. Visit for more details.

Happy Hippo Bath company is very famous in USA and Canada for the products like bath bombs, Epsom salt and bath salts. Call us 403.887.7177 to make order.


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