Vaginal mesh implants: The biggest medical scandal of our generation

Posted by freemexy on January 7th, 2021

Vaginal mesh implants: The biggest medical scandal of our generation
They're inserted into the vagina from the abdomen, used as an alternative for more invasive surgery and touted as the 'better option' by the medical industry.To get more news about hard mesh, you can visit official website.

But there's a darker side to the mesh story, with many women left in excruciating pain, suffering long-term health problems as a result of being fitted with them. However, on Tuesday (3rdMarch) a small victory was achieved. An Australian court ordered vaginal mesh implant manufacturers, Johnson& Johnson to pay three women .6 million collectively in compensation, on the grounds that the company had misled patients and surgeons about the risks of the implants.

The landmark case has paved the way for compensation for victims of these dangerous vaginal mesh implants, as 1,350 other women in Australia are also launching legal cases against the company. Johnson& Johnson are also facing similar law suits in Europe, Canada and the US for negligence, as they put these implants on the market before thorough testing.

This comes as media attention has recently been increased around the issue after the announcement last month, that London Mayor candidate Professor Sue Black has been forced to step back from the race due to health complications as a result of vaginal mesh. She was the Women's Equality Party candidate, and admitted that, in her words, the "cowboy medical treatment" has left her "with complications worse than the symptoms the mesh was meant to treat'.
The vaginal mesh scandal claimed its first life in 2017. Canadian woman Chrissy Brajcic, who actively campaigned against the implants, died from sepsis from her own implant, after suffering problems for four years. The 42-year-old mum-of-two had set up a campaign to raise awareness of implant issues, after experiencing them herself after giving birth in 2013.

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