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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on July 6th, 2014

Ignorance is bliss as long as ignored information does not threaten to mar your existence. This goes the same with credit scores. You may have a lot of ongoing credits on your account but are turning blind to your credit score and situation doesn’t mean that your scores will go up. Get your free annual credit report ready from any of the three consumer credit reporting agencies and know your score – a score above 720 means you are in the green zone but if the lights blink below 600, it’s time to start repairing your credit and for that credit repair Equifax is here to help you out. If you stay in and around Dallas then you can contact credit counselors employed in Dallas credit repair agencies who have been approved by the government and are willing to grant you the rights as held by the law under Federal Trade Commission.

Now, there are some basic points about credit repair that you need to know before you take a plunge into the pool. Being aware of your rights is of primary importance here. The Credit Repair Organization Act has been enforced by the Federal Trade Commission in order to bind the credit repair companies to explain your rights to you before they offer to assist you. In case they do not live by these rights you can sue them in any Federal Court, file a lawsuit against them and seek for damages caused. When you decide to take the help of credit repair Equifax they will also enlighten you on your rights which are as follows:

• The terms of service should be written in a paper clearly with details of the services provided;

• Your legal rights should also be included in the agreement paper;

• The agreement must also mention the duration, implying how much time they will take you give you a credible solution and

• Cost of their services and if they guarantee any results.

Now that you know your rights you can search a few Dallas credit repair agencies and then choose the one that assures these rights to you as provided by the law. So, what is the role of Equifax in the entire process? It is an organization that collects information on the basis of your financial records and preparing a credit statement and credit score for you, which you can ask for, on an annual basis free of cost. Credit repair Equifax recommends a few tips to the consumers so that they don’t get too bogged down by the issue and are able to take the right step with a cool head.

Dallas credit repair counselors are approved by the FTC and working under the guidelines of the CROA. They are aware of the fact that credit repair cannot be achieved overnight. It takes patience and a lot of planning to finally see a positive result. There’s no magic wand that can do away with the negatives and this is the most important thing that you should never be charmed into doing – removing the negative credit figures in your statement.

You need to keep your credit statement as accurate as possible. Instead of closing unused credit cards or opening new ones as a short-term measure; get a budget made with the help of the counselors at Dallas credit repair agencies and limit your expenses so that you can pay the bills and debts. Managing a bad credit situation takes time but can be improved with the help of experts offering credit repair Equifax solutions tailor made to your needs.

Dallas Credit Repair agencies work under the guidance of government authorizes with the assistance of credit repair Equifax.

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