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Posted by kimporter on July 6th, 2014

Pretty as they look when strung as jewels, beautiful they are when made into home decor pieces – beads find a great many uses as an object which can be transformed into wonderful pieces of art when a pair of loving hands start weaving it. Hence, you will find a bead shop in every nook and corner of your city. Too lazy to walk and find one? How about online bead shops? You will definitely find your choice of seed beads if you have the patience to search for the right shop where a stock of some of the most dazzling beads is kept ready to be taken by the buyer. Here, you will not just find beads as small as seeds but also in various other shapes, sizes and colours.

Beads can be made from either glass, plastic or wood and they can be used to make a variety of objects such as buttons, home decor pieces, table mats, wall hangings, curtains, key chains, jewellery and fashion accessories such as belts, purses or handbags.

Beads can even be used in small quantities to give an ethnic and unique appearance to clothes and footwear. For instance, beaded sandals or women’s clothing items with bead strings or beadwork on the bodice can be a great fashion statement on a day out with your friends. A bead shop will consider all the above mentioned requirements and will offer you a choice from the following range of beads:

  • Pressed glass beads,
  • Seed beads,
  • Fire polished beads,
  • Peacock beads,
  • Lampwork beads,
  • Jewellery beads,
  • Wooden beads and
  • Rhinestone beads.

Of the above, seed beads are one of the most commonly used beads and hence found in abundance in any online bead shop. They are extremely small in size and found in the shape of different kinds of seeds to render an organic feel to the final piece created.

A number of objects can be created from seed beads such as wall hangings, buttons, key chains, beaded jewellery and so on. You can choose from different kinds of beads made in the shape and colour of seeds such as square, twin, buggle, oblong, farfalle, etc. Along with beads you can also get the accessories to make what you need from bead shops, which keep these products at a reasonable price.

A bead shop also offers seasonal sale and discounts in order to clear their stock. So, if you want to benefit from online shopping then you’ve got to keep an eye on such notifications on a regular basis so that you don’t miss out on attractive offers to buy your choice of seed beads along with other types of beads that you may require. You can also take advantage of wholesale purchase which will take down the cost of purchase as your order may even be delivered free of cost. In this way, you will be able to get what you require without having to spend a lot. Let your creativity flow to nurture your skill.

A bead shop sells different kinds of beads such as seed beads.


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