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Posted by ricky26 on July 7th, 2014

The warehouse management software (software gestione magazzino) is supposed to manage the physical data and not just the accounting. It must be able to tell you how much merchandise/stock you have at domestic premises especially as to where it resides. The software should give you a real-time full traceability of all your references or detailed list of finished products. It ranges from the physical count of influx of goods, the bulk in the different areas of expertise; sketches the parts that are to be delivered to the areas of production, processing or the final customers. Each process must be well defined and should be clear to everyone. The warehouse software (software magazzino) should help the management staff to enforce the rules.

The system must be able to guide each individual’s operation and optimize it. This facilitates you to perk up the efficiency of your warehouse and drastically minimize errors and costs.

The software solution allows your company to upgrade the management of warehouse logistics. It can be easily integrated with most of the management systems of the market, allowing you to effortlessly manage the various types of stock and goods, due to the easy installation and configuration of the system. The solution is mainly inducted to all those companies who need to undergo a physical management of the goods (which differ from the one accounting management to the other). The Radiofrequency System enables you to transmit real-time data to the warehouse management system which can correlate in real time with the management.

The Free warehouse management (Gestionale magazzino gratis) software has a module which allows you to depict the mapping of the warehouse. The mapping process comprises five basic steps which are to be follower necessarily. The flow of the material acceptance is charted with the help of an Excel spreadsheet that can be imported to the system which is usually is sent by the management, the customer’s decision to store each individual PC, Monitor, Laptop, Printer as an entity for a single unit load (UDC) assistant, along with its numeric identifier, the single UDC is associated with the attributes which in this case are passed on from the Excel file, importing the files that are created automatically as loading units in the system and the presence of bubble Entry Goods. The warehouse can keep a check on the goods with a radio which enables reading of the product codes and quantities. And at the end of the process, the warehouseman prints the list difference which is returned to SAP.

There are many companies offering free warehouse management software. You can look up the internet for the same.

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