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Posted by webteam on July 7th, 2014

Water dispensers are used to serve drinking water to a lot of people. There are basically two types of water dispensers one that has a compressor and cools the water stored in it and the other that doesn’t have a compressor and stores water at normal room temperature. The water dispenser that have compressor is called water cooler.


Generally you will find these coolers in public places like libraries, stations, hospitals, social gatherings and offices. They are used to provide fresh and cool drinking water to the people. Normally coolers are available in the capacity of 2, 4 and 5 gallons of reservoirs. A bigger capacity cooler will help you to store more water and serve a larger crowd. These coolers are manufactured by many companies and you will get them in different price ranges. The more advanced models will have a bigger price tag compared to a moderate cooler. Some of the water dispensers have the facility of providing both cold and hot water. They have two faucets one for cold water and one for hot water. You will get a huge variety of water coolers over the internet.


What are the different types of coolers? There are various types of coolers that you could choose from. Firstly, there are coolers with different storage capacity. Secondly, there are different types of water reservoirs in different coolers. You could get a plastic reservoir or you could get a stainless steel reservoir. If you do not want the smell of plastic in your water then you could choose the stainless steel one. Thirdly, there are water dispensers with both hot and cold water faucets. Certain offices have these dispensers so that the employees could make tea for themselves. Fourthly, you will get coolers with filter and without filter. If you think that the water at your locality needs filtration then you could use a cooler with filter. Finally, you get counter top coolers and free standing coolers. Just as the name suggests counter top coolers could be kept on the counter in the kitchen or on any table. A free standing cooler is kept in the floor. Most of the leading manufacturers make all these different types of coolers.   


What are the advantages of using a water cooler? There are many advantages of using a cooler, here are a few:

  • A water cooler will help you to serve clean and cold water to people.
  • It could serve a lot of people at one given time.
  • Water coolers are extremely easy to operate, use and maintain.
  • Coolers help you to purify the water that you drink
  • You could have a cooler anywhere you want, at office, home, outdoor parties

How to buy the perfect cooler?
Here are some tips that will help you to buy a cooler:

  • Conduct a research on the various kinds of coolers
  • Pick a reputed manufacturer
  • Buy the right capacity that will serve all the people
  • check the prices of different coolers before selecting one

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