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Posted by AmandaTom on July 8th, 2014

Six sigma is a set of methods, strategies and tools to improve business process: be it manufacturing or transactional, product or service for all reputed organizations. It is a statistical process which was initiated by Motorola but incorporated later at General Electric and now is a prerequisite for all major organizations. The tremendous success of six sigma at General Electric under the stewardship of the legendary Jack Welch has made it very popular. It is highly specialized method based on statistical process hence requires intensive and exclusive training. United States can be said to be the home of Six Sigma. There are several institutes offering Six sigma training New Jersey just like in other American cities. In most institutes training is imparted by American Society for Quality certified trainers. Six sigma certification New Jersey is most sought after for many reasons.

The main objective of any company to implement six sigma is to minimize the defect in any process. It is a benchmark that the organization strives to achieve such that the products and service to maintain a certain standard and is able to further improve the overall quality. The methodology includes definition, measurement, analysis, improvement and controlling the various parameters. It seeks to identify and remove the causes of defects and minimize the variable factors. It uses quality control and statistical methods to increase efficiency and quality. A specialized group of people, six sigma experts implement these processes in the organization. In order to be a part of this expert group Six sigma training New Jersey can be highly beneficial. The candidate should check out the reputation of the selected centre before signing up for such training. A proper Six sigma certification New Jersey can be favorable to improve career prospects of the individual.

The locational advantage of New Jersey is immense, be it students from United States or from abroad, arriving and commuting in the city is not very difficult. Many companies send their representatives for Six sigma training New Jersey. Most of them offer free Wi-Fi connection among other facilities, which is useful for six sigma trainees.

Six sigma certification has various levels of certification like white belt, green belt, black belt culminating in Master Black belt. Six sigma training New Jersey provides scope for all these as there are some of the best training institutes. The trainers are mostly Master Black belt holders.

A newer concept, Lean six sigma is now being widely used. It combines the methodology of six sigma with lean manufacturing. The aim is to promote excellence in business and operations. Lean manufacturing stresses process flow and waste issues while six sigma focuses on design and variation. Lean six sigma serves as a base for research in the organization, from manufacturing and software development to sales and service functions. Both Lean six sigma and Six sigma training New Jersey is easily available.

So it is understood that the scope of Six sigma training New Jersey is quite broad as there are several institutes of repute offering Six sigma certification New Jersey. The companies desiring to get a team of six sigma experts as an integral part of their operations need to survey and select the right institute and look forward to achieve the goal of improvement and excellence that six sigma aims for.

Six sigma certification New Jersey and Six sigma training New Jersey are there to improve the quality of process and system.

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