FIFA 14 GameLock-ins Revealed

Posted by coininfifa on July 10th, 2014

Fancy getting your hands on FIFA 14 Coins PC early?Well EA and GAME will provide a number of lock-ins for many of you to getfamiliar with this year's offering. Gamers will have the chance to try FIFA 14from this weekend thanks to a nationwide run of lock-ins run by retailer GAME.50 stores will be going to extra time to give you exclusive early access toFIFA 14, weeks ahead of the game's official release on Friday 27th September.

You must be over 16 or accompanied by anadult, and need to register either in person, over the phone or by simplytweeting to the official GAME store showing your interest in the event. Headover to the game site for a list of events, dates and twitter addresses.

The lock-ins gives gamers the chance to getto grips with the latest innovations to the award-winning game play andexperience the thrills of scoring great goals. The new pure shot feature and abrand-new ball physics system will transform shooting so every shot feels realand exhilarating, making FIFA 14 more authentic and fun than ever before.

Well over 50 of the company's stores willhost lock-ins, where gamers can try out the football/soccer simulator and alsoget their hands on a bonus goody bag too. Game also offers three exclusivepre-order bonuses which include balls, boots, boosts, and a chance to play inhistoric kits.

This year's game might not manage to bequite the biggest game of the year (a little game called GTA V might see tothat) but it will still be a big deal. Not only because they picked Gareth Bale to feature on the cover justbefore he became the world's most expensive footballer, but also because thiswill be the first FIFA to hit the next-gen consoles. Presumably GAME will onlybe presenting the current-gen versions, but it would be a bit much to expectotherwise

cheap fifa coins is available on Xbox 360(for Xbox Live Gold members), PlayStation 3 and for PC via origin. Xbox LiveSilver members can download the demo from 17 September. The FIFA 14 releasedate is September 24 in North America and September 27 throughout Europe. XboxOne and PS4 versions of the game will be available when the consoles launch inNovember.

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