Types of Military Challenge Coins

Posted by dunitzsantrino on July 10th, 2014

A military challenge coin, as the name says, is a small coin on which the logo or insignia of the regiment or battalion is engraved. These coins were first given to soldiers who performed very well on the battlefield as a mark of appreciation of their valor. Though these coins were the usual monetary coins that were in circulation, the soldiers refused to part with these coins as they had a special significance. Thus, challenge coins were born. Soon, these coins became the identify proof for a soldier. It helped in prove to others that he belonged to a particular regiment or battalion. These coins were sometimes exchanged between soldiers because of bets or simply as a sign of brotherhood.

Each and every branch of the defense has its own set of coins. From marine military coins to the navy military coins, there are so many different types of challenge coins.

Army Military Coins
In circulation among the army personnel, these military coins have the star emblem and the name of the battalion engraved on the coin. Coins were also designed based on Special Forces, ranks, special operations and even base. These coins act as memorabilia.

Navy Military Coins
Designed with the insignia of the naval captains, anchor or other navy-related logos, these coins serve as an identity for each and every defense sailor. The coins are classified based on the ship, rank, rate and awards. Some challenge coins are also presented as awards for services performed.

Marine Challenge Coins
These coins are in circulation among the Marine Corps of the United States. The coins bear the logo of the blue star, Marine Corps logo and other significant designs that capture the essence of this elite defense group.

Air Force Challenge Coins
These challenge coins have popular designs such as air craft, command instructor, Air Force wife and more. Air Force soldiers who are back from Iraq can proudly display the coin that claims this fact. There is even an Air Force coin with the word “Retired” engraved on it.

From marine military coins to Air Force coins and all the types of military coins, there are so many different types of coins. These coins are not just circulated amongst the defense people. You will also be able to buy these coins from the numerous online stores. Show off your passion for the armed forces with your collection of military challenge coins.

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