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Posted by webteam on July 10th, 2014

There are no alternatives for people living in small apartments to heat their homes beside wall heater. When combined with the low price and ease of maintenance, they become the favorites of home owners. Gas and electricity are the generally used sources of energy for these compact heating units. Given below are some innovative and energy efficient alternatives you can try.

Solar wall heaters

If you are someone planning to make a wall heater with minimum or low impact on environment, a solar heater is an option worth experimenting with. The beauty of this equipment is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to warm your home. In fact, you can make it on your own. All you need is an old glass door, two good buckets with good covering, an unused piece of metal, some paint and a bit of insulation.

Take measurements and create holes for your handiwork to fit on a wall facing the sun in your home. These would be the places where you would keep the bucket to heat the water. Build a box and just mount the door. Fix the cracks in the wall with a bit of insulation. Check and see if its working. It is sure to work fine. The lids make sure that the heat of summer does not create any trouble for anyone in your home. Building this would not take more than four hours of your time. And, the expense involved is just $5 if you wish to get a good paint for the door. Designing one is sure to contribute towards your efforts to save a few bucks in your energy bills. Even if you decide to buy one from a reputed manufacturer, it is not going to be a strain on your budget.

Heaters using infrared technology

If you are a person keen to have green electricity, an infrared wall heater is an option worth experimenting with. Installing it is just the matter of seconds. Place the radiator where you want it to be, set the temperature you want in the wireless thermostat; done! The equipment is lightweight and does not require maintenance. All it needs is electricity for its smooth functioning. Fuel efficient and cost-effective, this is sure to be your choice heater if you are willing to experiment it just for a few days. The best thing is that you don’t even have to worry about the cost of replacement. If the purchase is made from a renowned company, the firm would take care of any issue you may face and that too completely free of cost.

Propane heaters

The desire to combine fuel efficiency and convenience would definitely take you to propane wall heaters.  They are ideal for children and your elderly parents; they would feel warm and comfortable. These heating units are available in the model of your choice. You can hang them on wall or on hooks. This makes sure that the wall heater placed in your child’s room is beyond his/her reach.

Try the types of wall heater mentioned above; you would never regret your choice. To order one TODAY at most affordable price online just click on this link

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