Customizing Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl Products

Posted by Sarah Addyson on January 8th, 2021

A lot of things are taken for granted these days, but they are a result of a long process of research and development, including hundreds of hours of work, focus and brainstorming about how to come up with a solution and how to make it better. For instance, how much thought do people invest in reflective tape for clothing? It is a great accessory that resulted in saving thousands of lives over time, but it is not the most popular thing people think about. These days, reflective heat transfer vinyl products can be customized to suit the needs of the wearer and of the industry.

Applying Reflective Tape for Clothing

What is the most important aspect people have to focus on during the night? No matter if it is all about going from one place to another or working in a certain environment, visibility has to be a top priority. People must be seen even if they are just walking or if they get on with their work activities because this is going to save their lives at some point. One of the best options they can turn to is adding  reflective tape for clothing  to reflect the light that shines on them for visibility.

These days it is a very common addition to just about any garment and a safety feature found in just about any industry, but it is not always so. People who are interested in their personal safety should take the time to learn more about reflective tape for clothing and how they can add this feature to the clothes they are wearing. Company owners and managers should use it to improve the safety of their staff and to reduce the risks of accidents at work after the sun goes down.

Applying reflective tape for clothing to the garments that are already in use is one option, but it is not the only one. There are quite a few pieces that can be bought with the reflective tape on them from the start and this makes the job quite a bit easier. It is important to remember that talking to the right manufacturer will offer the possibility to customize every item in their stock according to the needs of the activity and the demands of the industry. Here are a few examples for this.

Custom Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl Products

There are quite a few clothing items that can be used in industries around the world and each of them has a specific purpose. To ensure they serve their purpose right, the base that will be used to make them is one of the most important parts of the reflective heat transfer vinyl  products. Color is important and it must stand out. Fluorescent yellow or orange can improve the visibility of the wearer during the day as well, but the range of colors can be adjusted to the needs of the wearer.

The materials that will be used in the process are also important and they can be chosen based on what clothing items will be created. Bird’s eye fabric or mesh is ideal for light vests that can be worn on top of other garments. Fabric can also be used to create custom vests for each worker. Knitted fabric is a solution for shirts and other options. Twill is the ideal choice when it comes to work overalls and so on. Polar fleece is the best when people are working in cold environments.

Any company that creates safety gear for people in the staff should customize the reflective heat transfer vinyl products to show it off. Adding the logo to each item is going to show others where workers perform their daily activities and how much the company is willing to invest in safety clothing. Apart from the logo, the garments can also be customized with a name tag, the position of the wearer as well as any other details that might come in handy for the rest of the workers.

The tape that will be used in the reflective heat transfer vinyl products can also be different from one company to the next. Most people are used to the common silver tape that can be found on just about any item on the market, but the range of solutions can expand more than that. The material can be chosen based on the base of the garment, the patterns can be different from one application to the next and so on. Take the time to explore each option before committing to one.

Applying all these elements to the base material is a different story. This is also another aspect most people do not think too much about, but it can make a difference. Heat transfer is a solution to get the job done quickly and the results are great as long as it is done by an expert with top of the line equipment. On the other hand, people can turn to sewing them on, which is more durable, but it also implies quite a bit more work and extra costs. Each choice has its pros and cons.

Each item is meant to be worn so it can improve the working conditions as well as the safety of the staff. Apart from all the elements that are meant to improve visibility, it is important to focus on the comfort of the wearer as well. A Velcro is ideal for light vests used by visitors, but using a zipper on permanent items can lead to much better comfort and a high end finish as well. It is up to each company to choose how to customize the items that will improve the safety of the staff.

Adding reflective tape for clothing items is a solution for some, but things can be done a lot better. Companies that want to create high end clothing for their staff can focus on reflective heat transfer vinyl products and how they can be customized according to the demands of their activity as well.

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