Why Henry and Henry Redi Paks are So Useful

Posted by Ryan Stover on January 8th, 2021

Owning a bakery or confectionery business can be a rewarding yet challenging experience. Depending on what is baked and sold within your business may come with a certain set of challenges. Usually, bakeries offer a wide range of different products and pastries. This widens their inventory and gives a diverse selection of things to sell to their customers.

It can be easier to specialize in one certain type of bakery item like primarily sticking to cakes or cupcakes to limit your workload. Other bakeries want that diverse selection of products so they can draw in customers in search of all different kinds of pastries.

The problem with having all types of pastries being made constantly available to your customers is the demand to make them and the time it takes to do that. Making a ton of different styles of pastries means different baking times, temperatures, and most importantly, different ingredients.

Your bakery must have a hefty stock of different kinds of ingredients to meet the needs of each different pastry and dessert you want to make for your store. Sometimes, it can be difficult to meet demands, especially when you have to bake certain pastries that have different components to them.

Different components can mean extra fillings, frostings, or toppings that add extra time to each dessert. Some desserts like pies, danishes, donuts, and cakes have multiple components that take time.

To cut down on time and effort, consider adding certain bakery products that are pre-made. Although sometimes it’s necessary to hand-make everything, it can be a lifesaver to incorporate certain premade things to cut down on time.

Premade Fillings

Products like pre-made fillings are a sure way to save major amounts of time. Fillings can be extremely time-consuming to make, especially when being made in bulk. Using pre-made dessert fillings can also be very helpful if you sell a lot of pastries that require different filling flavors.

That way, you’ll have a plethora of different flavors of fillings at your disposal, all you have to do is assemble the base of each dessert or pastry. You can find these delicious and easy pre-made fillings with Henry and Henry Redi Paks. These little pouches of pre-made fillings make it easier than ever to quickly and easily make all different types of pastries.

With these Redi Paks, you can choose from multiple different flavors like cherry, peach, lemon, and even Bavarian cream. The brand Henry & Henry is a favorite amongst bakeries and confectionery business for its high-quality and wide range of products.

Use the Henry and Henry Redi Paks with pastries like donuts, danishes, pies, and anything else your heart desires. These fillings not only taste great but can retain their beautiful shine, color, and flavor. Each Redi Pak is also packaged in an easy to dispense plastic vessel to artfully pipe out filling into each yummy pastry.

Where to Find

To find these easy and delicious fillings, you need to find a trusted distributor for all your necessary bakery and confectionery supplies. That place is Stover & Company.

This online bakery ingredient and product distributor has been doing business for four generations, so they know the ins and outs of what bakeries need for their business. You can find the highest quality of ingredients, tools, and decorating supplies all at an affordable price.

The team at Stover & Company strives to provide the best and fastest service to their customers as possible, no matter what the order. Visit their website at stovercompany.com and browse through their amazing products.

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