Amazing Features Of Salesforce That You Need To Know!

Posted by Consagous Technologies on January 8th, 2021

Working with a large amount of data is always a big ask for all professionals that are into sales and support. In short, data management is a pretty tough job. This job is where Salesforce is the absolute perfect solution for everyone.


If you have not been living under the ground, you must already know what Salesforce is, and what it does. To those of you who don’t know, it’s a customer relationship management(CRM) platform that provides a bird’s eye view for every single department and detail associated with a customer- marketing, sales, services, and more if present.

It’s this highly comprehensive nature of this platform that has led Salesforce mobile app development to new heights.

With everything stored on the Cloud, Salesforce has proved to be a highly efficient and cost-effective option for companies to manage their CRM operations. The slew of features it brings to the table too, further consolidate its stand as simply the best CRM platform.

Features of Salesforce

Explaining why Salesforce mobile app builderor its other plethora of tools are so amazing can take quite a lot of time. So, it’s better to highlight some of its key features that play a dominant role in keeping it right at the top- 

The Shortest Path From Idea To App

Developing the infrastructure and tools for an app brings a huge hit for companies, both in terms of time as well as costs. You can just focus on building the app, while Salesforce takes care of the required infrastructure and tools.

Mail Templates, All Sorted By Brand Names

Salesforce mobile app development accompanies the feature of branded email templates with it, allowing to deliver the same information to multiple clients at once, without taking pains to type a new mail for every single customer.

And there’s no guessing how boring mail typing gets, even after just a couple of them.

Mobile Compatibility, For Enhanced Portability

With remote working becoming the new normal, you no longer need a laptop or computer to view the required data. Everything is now on your fingertips with the Salesforce 1 app. All the data that’s important gets easily accessed through this app, keeping the operations running smoothly even if you are not at your physical workspace.

Connect With Different Teams, Without Fuss

The Sales and Account teams feature allows you to connect and collaborate with different teams and departments. For people who prefer a private sharing model but do need assistance from other departments sometimes, this feature is just perfect.

The names of individual team members can be pretty easily specified, further highlighting the beauty of this feature.

To And From Salesforce, Easier Than Ever

More often than not, there are situations wherein there’s a need to share CRM data with the client company, or companies. With the Salesforce to Salesforce feature, this becomes a highly smooth and efficient process as it requires no added development at all.

Also, there’s no need to share all the data. You can select the data that you want to share, and keep the rest, private to only your eyes.

A Lot Of Focus on Flow- And Not Just Workflow

Flow has been at the center of attention by Salesforce more than once. In this process, they have created a tool that’s absolutely amazing and effortlessly dismissive in its approach. As far as their latest updates go, a flow can be triggered right after a record gets saved.

The more mature Start element is another blessing to kick -off the entire Flow.

So, there you go. Some of the most amazing features of Salesforce for you.  Clearly, there’s a lot to like about this great CRM platform that can help you and your enterprise in growing and making a mark.

If you are on the lookout for cutting-edge Salesforce mobile app development services in USA, Consagous Technologies will be a highly feasible choice. With a healthy experience and a highly professional team, the company has a lot of promise to get you closer to your next great idea.


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