4 Tips for Optimizing Your Dog’s Wellness and Quality of Life

Posted by PremiumCare on January 8th, 2021

Dogs are sweet, affectionate, fun, and generally wonderful companions. All they ask of us is some food, shelter, and affection, and for that, they grant us their unconditional love and loyalty. For the gift of their companionship and love, the least we can do is try to ensure that their quality of life is everything it should be. Whether that means responding with calming treats when they’re experiencing dog anxiety or just indulging their whims from time to time, there are a number of simple, effective ways to enhance your dog’s well-being.

Know Your Dog’s Quirks and Indulge Them

Just as every pooch has a unique personality, they also have unique quirks. If your dog is into doing something a little bit silly and different, as long as it isn’t risky or destructive, give them some time to do so. If they go crazy for cat toys, give them some supervised cat toy time. Whether it’s chasing bubbles, a laser pointer, or bowling into empty boxes, indulge your pup’s quirks every now and then.

Respond to Your Dog’s Physical or Mental Health Issues

Most dog parents are obviously going to respond with a trip to the vet if their dog displays signs of significant issues, like constant anxiety or mobility-limiting pain. However, there are also those physical and mental health conditions that don’t seem to be major issues but are still apparent. Maybe your dog suffers from allergies, has some separation anxiety, is frightened during thunderstorms, or seems stiff when they get up. Pick up some natural treat supplements to ease their discomfort. That includes calming treats, allergy immunity treats, mobility-promoting treats, and so on. If you’re unsure about using CBD for dogs, keep in mind that CBD usually contains THC, so many opt for hemp-based treats instead.

Keep Your Dog Well-Groomed

Grooming is not just to keep your dog looking as clean, shiny, and adorable as possible (although it succeeds at that). Particularly for thick- and curly-haired dogs, mats can end up pinching and pulling on their skin and lead to even more serious issues. Untrimmed long nails can snag and cause injuries. There can also be less obvious grooming-related issues. One dog owner recounted how her long-haired pooch always had trouble getting treats that weren’t hand-fed in a multi-dog household. After a trim, the problem disappeared. It turns out that her pup’s shaggy hair was obscuring its vision.

Give Your Pooch Some Dog-Centric Exercise

If anyone’s ever wondered how much dogs love exercise and being out in the world, all they need to do is consider how most dogs react when they think they’re going out for a walk. Like human beings, dogs are curious, and they’re social animals. Treat your pup to a trip to the dog park or a casual stroll. Let them take their time to investigate smells and check everything out. Dogs’ minds need to be active no less than their bodies do.

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