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Posted by letusgame on July 11th, 2014

Hi, guys! Remember the wildstar’s first “ultra drop”, the Strain? Now you can preview the house items of it. In Wildstar, you can add these items to the decor of your home. Will you expecting that? With these amazing items and some Cheap WildStar Gold at www.wsoplat.com, you will have an excellent game journey. Now let’s have a look at these items first, shall we?
Specific items of Strain house:
1. Pustulant Purple Barbs and Eyeball Wall Decor;
2. New Hoverboard Cthulhu Grind;
3. Strainmaw Mat;
4. Strain House;
5. Strain Costume;
6. Spine Rib Cage Set.
More details about the Strain:
In the Strain, by adding items you can get chance to turn your house into a horrifyingly elegant pad. In addition, some new housing plugs like Strainmaw mat can be used for your unwelcomed guests and a Phage Form Lab. With all of these additions, you can not only have a lot of options to customize the house, but also have the chance to earn more rest XP when logging out.
A little tips here:
1. Collecting every piece of a new ravenous Strain costume to upgrade your wardrobe with some rot couture if your character isn’t ghoulish enough. 
2. Actually, the new Strain dyes and the sickest hoverboard can still be used.
It will be so much fun after these items are added in the wildstar! Do you want to experience it by yourself? I guess the answer is yes. So go and enjoy it! If you have any problems in the Wildstar, please come to our wsoplat.com. We will try our best to help you to Buy Cheap WildStar Gold!

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