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Posted by Deno on January 8th, 2021

If it wasn't for the industry I remain in, I wouldn't have been able to offer Marie with holidays, good phones and other high-ends,' stated the mother-of-two, speaking with The Sun. 'For me, the task was extremely empowering and a confidence increase.'

' That's not just assisted me personally but permitted me to be a much better mum to my children.'

Charlotte Rose, 38, from Essex, claimed that her task in the sex industry has helped her to be a 'much better mother.' to her kids. Imagined, appearing on This Morning in 2015

Charlotte's daughter Marie has actually formerly stated she would not become a sex worker herself due to the fact that she lacks the body confidence needed to do the job

Marie, visualized as a child with Charlotte, stated she struggled with the lack of quality time she had the ability to spend with her mom maturing, as she often worked nights and at weekends, however says they're now extremely close

Charlotte went on to keep in mind the main negatives of her job are other individuals's perception of what she does - adding that the advantage is the 'liberal relationship and connection' she has with her 2 kids - together with the monetary side.

' My relationship with Marie is unbelievable and I truly do think that's down to the industry,' she included.

' The fact both of my children can concern me for any sex related issue is an honour for me, I don't know many parents who have that.'


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Charlotte is a campaigner for sexual freedom and typically speaks up about the positivity that sex work can give society.

She once claimed to be the most pricey escort in South West England, charging  ₤ 200 an hour, and is keen to end up being Britain's number one sex expert.

And Charlotte's child Marie, 20, always believed her mom was a 'lady of the night' - and at the age of 12, she had her suspicions validated.

Trainee Marie, visualized as a little lady, stated her mother has assisted her to 'accept myself and what I look like' and instilled a desire in her to wish to help individuals.

Nowadays Marie prefers to use the term escort when describing what her mother does, and dislikes the word prostitute for it's 'negative connotations'

However far from being stunned and appalled by her mum's choice of profession, Marie, who is a student at Goldsmiths University, London, stated she 'could not be prouder.'

Talking to FEMAIL last year, Marie confessed was hard growing up and not having the ability to spend as much time with her mum as she 'd have liked to, as she regularly worked nights and weekends, however said they now have an extremely close bond.

While she '100 per cent' appreciates the industry her mother operates in, Marie stated she wouldn't become a sex worker herself since she lacks the body confidence required to do the job.

' It's something that's crossed my mind to get a bit of cash, however I do not have the persistence to create profiles and do all the social networks involved,' described Marie.

' It actually upsets me that people do not respect it as an actual profession since it's so much hard work, there's so much admin that enters into it that individuals wouldn't have the patience for.

' It's like being a social media influencer, it's really hard, and I'm not that self-independent to do that sort of work.'

She added that a person of the benefits of having a moms and dad who's a sex employee is the quantity of 'knowledge' she has gleaned about sex and relationships.

' We're so open with discussing relationships and sex. When it's come to sweethearts it's been extremely easy to talk with my mum, whereas it's something my friends have actually actually struggled with, so I've frequently handed down knowledge from my mum to them,' Marie stated.

' Since I'm at uni now, I have a lot of friends thinking about having a sugar daddy or doing cam work and I definitely help them out with any details that my mum can provide me to move to them.'

She included that her mother has helped her to 'accept myself and what I appear like' and instilled a desire in her to want to help individuals.

Charlotte started her career in the sex industry at the age of 17 and wishes to be Britain's leading sex master

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Many of Charlotte's customers are men with disabilities, who have actually limited movement and communication skills.

' What she does has actually opened my eyes, made me less judgemental and more accepting,' Marie said. 'I would like to work for a global organisation that is helping individuals. Young kids generally, as much as the age of 25, with impairments or psychological health concerns.'

While she is really accepting of her mom's profession, which she firmly insists has never ever spilled into their household home, Marie confessed she only informed a really little circle of friends while she was at school.

' Mum originally told me that she was working with computer systems, so I utilized that line with other people, especially teachers when they asked me what she did,' Marie recalled.

' I kept it a secret for a while, just being open with my close friends, which I told at a rate of one a year! I felt that if I were to have told my teachers, they most likely would have spoken with me or treated me a bit in a different way.

' Most of my friends who I tell now believe that she's a porn star, and I'm like, "No that's not what I said at all!"'.

These days Marie prefers to use the term escort when explaining what her mother does, and dislikes the word woman of the street for it's 'unfavorable undertones'.

Remembering the minute her mom informed her what she provides for a living when she was 12 years old, Marie stated she currently presumed her mom was an escort.

She worked late and had clients at night, so my only ideas were that she was doing that,' she admitted.

' She informed me that she worked with handicapped people a lot, and she gave a great deal of them convenience. She stated she does sleep with customers, however a great deal of the disabled people simply want company and convenience, and that she does treatment for relationships.


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