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Posted by Johny Dean on July 11th, 2014

Whether you are leading a business in the food industry or whether you own a paint fabric or a cosmetics company, you should make no compromises when it comes to acquiring new equipment or replacing the old industrial mixers, rotators and stirrers or mixing vessels and pans.

One of the first things that should never be ignored by a professional and responsible producer is to make sure that the vessels or the paint mixers they are about to purchase are designed and produced respecting the legally established norms and regulations. The way in which such equipment is built and the materials that are used should present no threat to the people who will be working on them, nor should they affect the quality of the products that will be made using them. For instance, a food products factory should never use vessels that are made of materials which manifest toxic effects at high temperatures. Moreover, industrial mixers should be designed and built in such a way so that they can be safely used by factory workers.

Once you have established that the proper norms and regulations are respected by the provider you consider hiring, you should examine carefully the list of paint mixers, agitators, stirrers, rotators, vessels and change pans that they offer. Make sure that they have the sort of equipment that is suitable for your business. Industrial mixers and other types of equipment might be designed differently depending on their purposes and can be of various sizes. Rotors or stators, for example, can be designed as floor or suspended units; you can choose one type or the other according to the possibilities offered by the space where you plan to place it. The important thing is to have a wide enough variety to choose from.

Besides being designed in such a manner so to avoid any health and safety issues, efficiency is the most important quality of such equipment. Time is one of the scarcest resources nowadays, so whether you are planning to purchase paint mixers or press out units, you should consider carefully all your options and decide which one is the most efficient in terms of time and results. You will obviously not want industrial mixers that finish the job rapidly but don’t mix properly, but neither will you want machines that require an incredible amount of time to finish the job. If the supplier you are considering to buy from is focused on creating better and faster machines, it is even better, since you will be able to update your equipment without looking for a different collaborator.

Don’t forget to check the warranty terms and conditions before signing any contract with a company that supplies paint mixers, vessels and other types of equipment or components. Industrial mixers are a long-term investment and you will not want to replace the items too soon, nor will you want to invest almost as much as you have paid for them in maintenance or repair services. Convenient warranty conditions should reassure you that the machines are of top-quality, but also ensure that if anything should be wrong with one of the items, you will benefit from a replacement, free repair or receive proper compensation.

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