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Posted by oshaprosusa on January 8th, 2021

Miners of the USA often jeopardize their life and safety in the course of their work. "Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)" was created by the Labor Department of the nation to prevent deaths, physical injuries, and several ailments that occur amongst miners. It organizes several activities as well as programs to spread awareness about safety regulations. It has also introduced several safety regulations aimed primarily at the miners of the USA. Sure, a single Department is not sufficient to ensure safety standards across the country. It, therefore, works closely with multiple Departments, including Industry and State agencies.

MSHA training is an integral part of the organization's mission to promote miners' safety and health across the nation. The law requires all miners to receive basic training to provide refresher courses being available to those that need them. While the miners who work in the mines by climbing into the pits need to know all safety rules and use them effectively, the training programs include mine operators.

The objective of the training is met with the MSHA providing necessary materials along with the know-how. Hands-on training is imparted without exception to make the miners fulfill the obligations by using safe practices. It would be advisable to learn about the various training programs offered at the moment and then opt for one that fits into one's schedule and happens to be most convenient.

· National Mine Health and Safety Academy- This academy located in Beaver, West Virginia, offers numerous safety training programs for the miners. Sure, one needs to visit the academy to participate in it, but miners who find it difficult to attend the classes can have it scheduled right at their place of work.

· Part 50 Training Program- This is a program explicitly formulated to train the operators about reporting injury cases, accidents, and illnesses occurring among the miners. This is definite to act as a tool for evaluating the facts prompting the MSHA to take suitable measures and develop improved programs in the future.

One is likely to come across the terms Part 48 and Part 46 while trying to learn about MSHA training programs and other activities to ensure the miners' safety. It helps to know that the requirements of the training are governed by Federal Code-30. CFR Part 48 includes training for miners engaged with all kinds of underground mining and surface mining for certain materials such as coal. Gold mining is also included within this list. CFR Part 46, on the other hand, is linked to granite, sand, lime, cement, and gravel related operations and others in the aggregate industry.

There is a difference between the two apart from the list of inclusions, though. Those training for Part 46 must meet the safety requirements but do not need any approval from the MSHA. The body must approve miners taking Part 48 training.

A miner becomes eligible for MSHA certifications after taking the training either in person or online.

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