What to Do in WildStar Late Game

Posted by esogoldforsale on July 14th, 2014

Wildstar Gold-All of the Adventures and Dungeons that you discovered, come back in the veteran version. Each instance is now for level 50 and you can obtain more experience there, as well as more renown.After you reach level 50, you can take part in fights against the other players at the same level. The game does not raise your level artificially and allows you to match up against the other veterans of PvP. The aim is to reach the rating level of 1500 (where you start at 1200) to be able to buy violet items, for combat against the other players.


Elder Gems

As soon as you reach level 50, your experience bar is replaced with the EP bar, Once you fill the entire bar, you receive Elder Gems. It is a currency that you can spend on additional skill points. Additionally, at level 50, you gain access to the land of Crimson Badlands, where you will be able to complete a new quest every day. Additionally, the monsters there are at level 50 so, it is easy to obtain items there but, you need to watch out, because the mission of the opposing faction is exactly the same so, you are going to encounter its members there quite often. As the first thing that you should buy, I recommend the Genesis Key which, after some time, gives you access to raids of 40 players. Of course, to restrict the collecting, the developers decided to limit the number of Elder Gems that you can obtain, to 140 a week. Still, after you reach the limit, your experience points turn into coins.


As of now, there are two raids available for larger numbers of players. The first one is called "The Genetic Archives", it is played in the Vestern Grimvault and it is meant for 20 players. It includes six bosses, ten minibosses and five events. You gain access to it after you complete ten quests associated with the "Genesis Key".

The second one, the "Datascape", becomes available after the first one is completed and it can be participated by forty players. Inside, you can find seven bosses and sixteen minibosses.


These are the grand PvP battles in Wildstar, which are participated by, as many as, 80 players at level fifty. First of all, you can do two things. Either you collect 40 players and register the team in the system, or enter the queue as the solo player and wait until the system finds a game for you. Only in the case of the latter, are you a stand-by player. In a situation, in which someone is rejected from the team, during the game, the game informs you that there is a room for you and you are assigned to that team.

Still, if you manage to find the team, you need to buy your own fortress and lots of modifications. There is a full array of these - ranging from stationary turrets to big combat robots, or even raid bosses (although the developers mention that they are a bit weaker). After you have bought everything you need, go to fight the opposing team, by erecting the two fortresses next to each other. To win the Warplots, you need to complete the quest contained in the questlog. Unfortunately, if you are playing solo. you may spend lots and lots of time queuing up.Here are just some suggestions, there are many more players which you can use. For more information, fans can click:www.esogoldfast.net

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