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Posted by ThompsonGas on July 14th, 2014

Even with all the bustle regarding diminishing natural resources and the effects of some natural energy sources on the environment, propane still remains one of the most popular natural sources of energy in many parts of the United States. Though there are many more alternative sources of energy such as energy from electricity, propane gas has still somehow managed to retain a central position both within the home and in commercial industries. At this point, you are most likely wondering what are the factors that have helped propane gas remain so popular in spite of all the competition from alternative, competing sources of energy. Here are few answers explaining this trend.

- It Is Affordable

Compared to other sources of energy such as electricity, propane is a very cheap energy alternative. This is precisely why so many people use propane gas to heat their homes. An even better picture can be painted when you consider commercial propane gas; this is the primary source of energy in most industries that consume large amounts of fuel on a daily basis. If these industries continued to use traditional sources of energy such as electricity to power their manufacturing plants, the cost differences would be astronomical. Business quickly realized commercial propane was a better alternative.

- It Is Easy To Distribute And Deliver

There are many LPG delivery companies whose primary purpose is to transport and deliver propane gas to their eventual destinations. Unlike home propane, which is usually transported and delivered in gas cylinders, commercial propane gas is usually transported in gas pipes to the intended destination. This option is preferred mostly because it is much cheaper than delivering gas in canisters that have to be transported by road.

Let it not be mistaken that commercial propane gas is absolutely better than all other sources of energy based on it’s widespread use. Though they might not be that many, propane gas has its own set of disadvantages, some of which have discouraged many consumers from using the fuel. The main disadvantage associated with commercial propane gas is the high risks that come with its use. Propane gas is highly flammable; any exposure to an ignition source could result in an accident. Safety precautions are central to the use of commercial propane gas. Industries that use propane gas usually have multiple, highly sensitive monitoring systems designed to detect any propane gas leaks. These systems are able to immediately detect and report any issues immediately. In fact, some of these systems may actually execute the repairs on their own, resulting in a safe environment.

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This article was written by John Spare, Communications Specialist for ThompsonGas. The 16th largest retail propane company in the U.S., ThompsonGas has been family owned and operated since 1946. The propane gas dealer provides cheap propane for residential and commercial propane gas service to customers across 10 states in the East and Southeast.

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