How has getting a PR visa Canada become tougher now?

Posted by kunal on January 9th, 2021

PR visa Canada is a boon for anyone who aims for the Canadian lifestyle. This country has everything that one can aim for, clean air and clean water. 

Changes happening in PR Canada resident visa scheme recently 

In 2016, the candidates benefitted from a major change in the Express Entry System which included the award of points for the post-secondary credentials pursued from Canada. The post-secondary education done by the country of Canada can get you 30 points. However, for these points, you have to do a 3 years degree from this country. Canada has a lot of immigration programs, but the most popular is Express Entry.

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English level scores are also important for a candidate in Express Entry. 124 points are needed once the candidate has CLB9 scores. Of course, when the candidate has the language proficiency of CLB9, a candidate can also get points up to 50 when such English levels are combined with 3 years of work experience in the home country. Also, when a candidate has such English levels and a post-secondary degree, he can get 50 points more. So, a candidate can get up to 124+100=224 points for this kind of language proficiency.

Changes in the PNP based Canada resident visa schemes 

There have been some modifications which have happened in the PR visa Canada PNP based scheme. Apart from the introduction of points in Express Entry for those who know French well, there have been some PNP schemes which have opened their time frames throughout the year. Earlier, application for such schemes could only happen in a certain time of the year when the PNPs used to open, but now it’s not so. These PR schemes are related to the PNPs of Saskatchewan and Quebec. So, candidates don’t have to wait anymore for the designated PNP window to open

Saskatchewan opened its immigration scheme of Occupations In Demand,  for applications throughout the year on 16th July this year. The candidates just have to provide Expression of Interest through the Express Entry portal, to be accepted for immigration to this province as per this scheme now. The candidates can then expect to be sent an Invitation To Apply and then proceed with giving the documents. There are 22 occupations in demand in this province and if the candidate has a professional license and experience, he can get to apply for the Saskatchewan PR through any one of these occupations. All these 22 occupations have licensing requirements from different kinds of authorities in the Saskatchewan province.  Since candidates have to apply through the Express Entry system, they can only get the ITA through it for the Saskatchewan PR. 

Another way to get the PR visa of Canada is to apply for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program and it is useful for those who have the job offers in the 4 provinces of Canada. 

Since the reduction of points for the job offer in Canada has happened and now only 200 points are awarded, that's why the candidates are looking forward to these PNP programs.  These programs are only applicable for certain occupations. 

A candidate can also get the citizenship of Canada after 5 years provided he has been here for 2 years in this duration. This time period is necessary for someone’s citizenship to be approved.

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