Posted by Dayam Ali Aslam on January 9th, 2021

Securing technology is a gesture that can respond to very different needs. For many people it is a means of protecting themselves from the fact that the equipment they have purchased is expensive. They want to have protection that guarantees that, if something happens to it, they will not have to spend a lot of money on repairing it or buying a new one.

For others, especially businessmen and professionals, ensuring technology is nothing more than protecting the lungs of their activity. Nowadays everything is stored, and everything is transmitted, through electronic equipment, and the damage that a malfunction can cause goes far beyond ensuring the value of the pots.

So let's start with: technology insurance, of course, usually covers the value of the equipment. But that may be the least of it.

Of course, insurance on technological equipment covers almost any action that may occur to the equipment: derived from water or humidity, fire, falls or various accidents, blows. Technology insurance, of course, usually covers the value of the equipment

But also they included, which is very important in these things, the damage caused by electricity:  the shorts or surges. There, things change, because it remains to be seen that a bullock cart will catch flu due to a power surge, and yet this accident is a catastrophe for electronic equipment.

Design or assembly errors that may emerge after the product warranty has expired are also usually covered, which provides peace of mind in cases of important equipment that have to be in use for a long time.

Theft and Hacks, Also Covered

So far the problems caused by fatality. But it is that those derived from the malice, or inexperience, of the human being are also usually covered. In these policies, in fact, it is common to find coverage for damages caused by unprofessional use of equipment, or malicious acts (the famous hackers ); and, of course, outright theft.

Most contracts also have what you might call "replacement car" coverage. They bear the costs derived from the insured having to rent or buy other equipment to replace the damaged ones. And, be careful with this, the expenses derived from the recovery of damaged information are also usually covered, that is, what the guy charges that gives artificial respiration to your computer and recovers the photos of your trip to Yucatan. Those that you have projected a thousand times to your friends who, truly, must love you very much (or, perhaps, they have been the ones who have loaded your hard drive ...)

Most contracts bear costs derived from the rental or purchase of replacement equipment

So you may be someone who has bought the latest technology, and all they want is protection that guarantees repair or replacement if it is damaged or stolen. Or you may want something more complicated because technology is much more important to your life and your work. Whatever you are, it is most likely that if you write down the protections you need and then go to the market with that list to look at technology insurance, you will not only find an answer to everything you have written down, but you will be surprised to discover that, In reality, you are taking more risks than you thought. So that they stop being that: risks, is what insurance is for.

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