Incensed by everyday sounds?

Posted by liyojosef987 on July 15th, 2014

Do you get irritated with some sounds? Have you ever experienced sounds that have sent you in a violent rage, and you wondered why? Well this condition is called Misophonia. Misophonia is a disorder and considered the ‘hatred of sounds’. The interesting thing is people suffering from Misophonia generally do not get affected with loud sound, but some specific soft sounds such as water dripping, chewing loudly, or someone sighing can drive them up the wall. Consequently the disorder is also known as Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome.

People suffering from such a chronic condition experience automatic stimulation from certain innocuous sounds which acts as a trigger sounds. The reactions that come by the virtue of such trigger sounds are abrupt, and extreme such as disgust, hate, and rage. People suffering with Misophonia are sometimes diagnosed with anxiety, mood, or obsessive-compulsive disorders well as.

Misophonia reactions seem to be an instinctive reflex caused by sounds. The sound activates the autonomic nervous system of the sufferers, stimulating horrible emotions. We can say that there is a direct connection between the sound stimulus and their reflex reaction. Misophonia generally worsens with time. Once a person develops a Misophonia response for a single sound, other sounds seem to get added gradually. Because of this, people suffering from Misophonia have multiple sound and sight triggers that cause the misophonicreflex reaction. Thus, the increasing impact of Misophonia can immensely affect the sufferer’s life in many ways.

Do you experience strong emotions, such as anger, hate, and rage from certain sounds? If yes, then you may have Misophonia too. Misophonia can be a very serious condition, but there is hope due to treatments being developed, such as MMP (Misophonia Management Protocol), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), PRT (Psychosomatic Remediation Technique) treatment, progressive muscle relaxation, Neural Repatterning Technique, and more.

There is a limited number of treatment providers for Misophonia. The Misophonia Treatment Institute works to locate knowledgeableprovide effective treatment for you. Along with this, they can help you with management techniques to reduce the impact of misophonia and help you lead a normal life.

So, don’t be a sound hater anymore. The Misophonia Treatment Institute will help you with your misophonia .

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