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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on July 15th, 2014

Over the last few years cork flooring have attained great heights in terms of suiting the likes of the present generation. When buying tiles for floors, the insulation properties of the flooring is a primary consideration that sadly most people fail to weigh. As the name implies, cork floors are not completely fixed into the sub floor and that is exactly what makes them ideal as against the concrete ones that are more prone to damp and moisture. Available as a cork tile, it is quite easy to install them. You can get in touch with your distributors specialized in flooring and opt for cork underlayment or tile for addressing all your flooring related needs.

At the time of remodeling your house or even setting up a brand new décor, flooring options can confuse anybody. Given the expenses incurred these days, floor tile installing is a costly proposition. Right at this time, cork tile is a boon. A less expensive option as compared to many of its wooden or concrete counterparts, this kind of flooring is taken from the bark of cork trees and baked in a kiln to produce the tiles. From homes to offices, light commercial spaces to many public arenas, cork has its own fan following. Besides, the environment-friendly aspect owing to its natural degrading prices is another huge draw.

With a fantastic impact and pressure tolerance, cork score sway beyond wood flooring available largely in the market. However, there are several questions about this flooring option that most homeowners are bombarded with. This mostly includes lasting nature and serving the exact purpose. Take a look at the following queries that might have occurred to you as well, and find the answers:

How long will cork last as a flooring option?

Designed to last for an average of 25 years or so, one can be sure of cork flooring as a suitable option. Keeping this in mind, most structural warranties cover this time period. Hence it is clear that with proper care and maintenance, you can expect your cork floors to last significantly longer and prove a good investment.

How to make the cork flooring last long?

Undoubtedly, the best way to ensure longevity of your cork tiles and cork underlayment will be general care. You must be particularly cautious about keeping heavy impact and other things likely to tear the flooring apart away from the floor. Moreover, liquids are potential threats to your cork floors as they can eat up the cork and weaken the flooring. Hence, steer clear off that.

Where lies the need to take professional help?

When you hire a professional floor cleaner, you make a smart move for yourself. With professional cleaners, you can be relieved that they will treat your floors properly and also suggest the best of options to protect and treat the tiles. Also, how frequent the cleaning must be depends on the general hazards and conditions exposing your cork tile.

As long as these queries are answered, you won’t have trouble with your cork floors.

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