Cork Floor: What Makes Cork better than other flooring materials

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on July 15th, 2014

There are several flooring materials available today; the number of number of which far exceeds what it used to be a few years back. Among the many flooring materials that are now available, cork is becoming increasingly popular among a wide volley of people. Many are willing to go for cork floor in their house and there stand several good reasons for the same. There are several varieties that can be introduced with cork tiles. Besides, unlike many others cork is a renewable resource. This goes down greatly with people who are keen on preserving the environment.

One of the first things that most people note about cork is its renewability. Cork trees are mostly found in places like Tunisia, Portugal and Spain. The cork that is used to make the tiles which are laid on floors, are extracted from the bark of the tree. Surprisingly, the tree grows its bark back in time. This means that though it is extracted from trees, it is an environmental friendly resource. Besides the ‘green’ advantage, here are some more significant benefits of the using cork as flooring material.

Durable: Despite being a lighter form of wood, cork floor packs in amazing durability. Cork stands most blows and bites that normal floor materials would fall prey to. Cork floors do not allow any gases or liquid to seep through them. The liquid part appeared to be confusion until a few years back. The longevity of cork floors is no where less than forty years if the floor is looked after well. The dents caused by furniture on cork flooring are also not permanent. The floor tends to regain shape after a while.

Health: Apart from being very durable as a material, cork flooring is also safe towards the health of inhabitants. It does not pose the threat of disease as is the case with several other flooring materials. It is averse to mold and termites. Cork flooring is also resistant to microbes. It does not cause pose any danger to the quality of air inside the room. Besides, cork tiles remain fresh irrespective of the level of humidity in the atmosphere.

Safety: In room temperature, cork is extremely resistant to catching fire. It is not possible for cork floors to melt unless subjected to extremely high temperatures. Even if burnt, cork is one material that gives off far less fume and toxic gases than some other flooring materials like vinyl.

Comfort: This is one area where cork floors stand atop most of their contemporaries. Then, cork in the room also keeps the room warm. Cork has very good insulation properties. This makes cork rooms pretty soundproof. Cork panels are also fitted in walls to turn rooms soundproof. This brought to use repeatedly in offices where there is need for privacy within an important cabin.

Aesthetics: When it comes to aesthetics, there is not much in flooring material that pleases the eye more than cork flooring. For people who are looking at cost-effective flooring materials which they can change upon will, cork floor is the way to go.

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