Benefits of Choosing Specialist Wet Room Installer

Posted by sophiasmith on July 16th, 2014

Some of the very best providers of wet room systems in the UK, have developed a beautiful, unique, seamless wetroom floor system. There are some wet room systems designed without grout lines, hence feels luxurious, hard and is also warm to the touch. Such a system of wet room design does not require tanking system, therefore, complete flexibility is offered in the entire structure of the bathroom. Customers have to start researching for the design of the wet rooms once they have finalized the option of wet room installation. The installation of the wet room accessories depends on choice of flooring selected along with the type of the wet room system selected. The choice of products for the wet room designs solely depends on the budget and the personal choice of the customers.

 When it comes to shower bases, there are many options to select, therefore it is all up to the customers personal taste to create a unique wet room. One of the popular wet room system is the European wet rooms where the bases are thicker. As the European buildings usually have concrete floors, hence such a style of wet room is most common.

European stylish wet room systems are mainly produced by the European manufacturers and they are also ready to do the tiling along with setting up the gradient and the drainage system. European wet room bases are usually placed into an excavated hole. An extra layer of plywood is fitted on tip of the current floor boards when these bases are fitted into a wooden floor. The chance of tiles lifting on a wet room is drastically reduced as the plywood is very sturdy and stable.

The United Kingdom wet room system provides thinner bases as they are generally fitted with wooden floorboards. UK wet room wooden floorboards fitting is quite challenging. The UK shower system is designed keeping in mind the market of the UK customers.

Shower channels which are thin and long linear channels built into the floor and the floor gully is normally square rating or small round are just waste outlets which are connected to the drainage system. Usually, floor gully is built by the expert of the wet room system. Shower channels are built in inclining position to direct the water.    

 There are different types of floors to choose from which includes wooden flooring, concrete floors, and some other flooring materials. Wooden flooring is quite commonly found in the design of the wet rooms systems in Ireland and the UK. Wooden flooring supports the beams or joints. The beams or joints support the whole floor in addition, to the studded walls which divide a space into different rooms. Wooden flooring is found in most houses especially in older buildings and on the first floor. As the European homes are made of concrete, hence the concrete floors of the wet room offer extremely stable flooring. Preformed shower base have drain assembly, proper slope and curb-built in.

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