Why Your Business Needs A Predictive Dialer System

Posted by Aaeesha on July 16th, 2014

Predictive dialer systems can enhance your objectives for inbound or blended or outbound campaigns. These dealer solutions can increase your agent productivity, better client satisfaction, reduce running costs as well as gather market intelligence and lots more. Using sophisticated algorithms, the predictive dialer determines the optimal pacing for outbound calls. The auto dialer system also allows you to easily manage Do Not Call lists, time zones, external table dialing and dynamic filtering, and offers deployment options, and then you can choose how to address regulations that prohibit auto dialers and predictive dialing and you can expire about your business with confidence. The good news is that some of the outbound dialer vendors—fully automated and attended solution providers—are ultimately putting in their resolutions. There are now more outbound vendors than ever before, yet if the offerings are not yet ideal. In the past few years, marketers have introduced many on-premises and cloud-based solutions in the sector, and are challenging the traditional leadership.

Market dynamics and uncertainty are compelling companies to alter the way they practice business and manage their outbound activities. It is also reminding them to review and enhance the way they reach out to their clients and prospects. Some enterprises have asked their outbound dialer vendors to furnish them with a "no telephony" dialer to ensure that they cannot be accused of auto-dialing any cell phones, for instance. The practical realities of today's consumers are forcing changes in engineering science. It's no longer sufficient or effective just to use an outbound dialer, even if it were allowed by the rules. Companies need to develop effective multichannel outbound/inbound/blended strategies to communicate consistently and effectively with their customers. And somewhere the Predictive dialer systems are helping the companies to manage call pacing and regulations compliance.

A predictive dialer makes a large number of calls in parallel and then routes the live call answers to the next available agent. The response time and abandonment rates of predictive dialer systems may result in an extended delay when the contact answers a call, or in some cases no agent being available. The brokers do not know who has answered the cry. Example of outbound dialer vendors includes Voicent, Call Fire and Five9.

When you don’t have enough inbound agents to preserve up with demand, your outbound dialer vendors will automatically be affected to handle inbound calls. Once inbound service level goals are met, agents with the highest outbound proficiency are automatically transferred back to manage outbound calls. This preserves a high level of agent productivity, and gives callers a positive experience all achieved through predictive dialer systems. The dialing pace is carefully balanced by taking the number of agents, list characteristics and sound rules. Progressive dialing is particularly good for business to business campaigns and offers greater agent productivity without the danger of giving up.

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