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Posted by Aaeesha on July 16th, 2014

In a big company, a number of telephone calls take place in a day. These calls may be to external destinations, or even internal destinations. Calls are made to destinations outside the company to talk to clients or customers, or other such purposes. Even inside the company, there needs to be constant communication between the different departments. Only proper and effective communication within the company can contribute to the growth of the firm. Having numerous telephone connections within the company is a tedious task. Managing the different accounts is near to impossible. As such, you need a complete solution to the problem. You need a system that allows communication and also is easy to manage. This is where a telephone PBX system comes to your help.

PBX, which stands for Private Branch Exchange, is a private network used within a company. It has got several advantages, the main one being ease of management. A single phone number can be used for the entire company, with different extensions for the different telephone access points. a single telephone connection is shared among the different nodes. As such, there is no confusion regarding the numbers. Another advantage of such a system is cost cutting. Calls made internally to the different nodes are absolutely free. You just have to pick up the telephone and dial the extension to talk to people in other departments in your office itself. This way, a company is able to save a huge lot of funds, which is otherwise wasted on making calls all through the day. These systems can use either PSTN or VoIP. The easiest way to implement a PBX is to use an open source IP PBX.

There are 4 different PBX systems available:
•Hosted/Virtual IP PBX

Using an open source IP PBX cuts a lot of costs. Calls are made over the internet, which is far cheaper than the usual calls. Moreover, it is also more versatile and easier to implement. You need to get a phone system that is able to support this feature. Once you get your software and hardware ready, setting up the whole network is not a tedious task. After setting up, you can see how useful the system is.

A telephone PBX system has a variety of other features, too.
•Voice messaging

Besides these features, an IP PBX has loads of other offers, too. The best software offers you the best features. So, go for a PBX system which is best suited to all your needs. Managing your office becomes so much easier with innovations like these that make life simpler.

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