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CQ Legal & Consulting located in Aya House, 2 Church Cres St, Accra, Ghana is a boutique law firm and consulting firm that serves the needs of a broad range of corporate and unincorporated institutions and individuals. They pride themselves on their excellent personalized service and extensive understanding of the legal systems, cultures, economic and regulatory environment in Ghana, sub-Saharan Africa, and internationally. Total client satisfaction is always their goal and they see themselves as partners with their clients in achieving their objectives. Visit the CQ Legal & Consulting website at to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

CQ Legal & Consulting practice areas include banking, finance, and capital markets; corporate and commercial lawyers; energy, infrastructure, and projects; government contracts; insolvency lawyers; intellectual property, entertainment, media, and sports; technology, cyber space law and AI; property lawyers; private wealth management; corporate governance, compliance, and company secretarial; and litigation lawyers. Consulting practice areas include market entry services, capital introduction & investment, private wealth management, enhanced due diligence & business intelligence, strategic communications, and training & capacity building.

If you are looking for legal advice in Ghana then you will want to visit Accra, the country capital of Ghana. Founded by the West African Company (Xanters), Accra is the Ghana law firm biggest city in Ghana with around one million people making up the population of the capital. In addition to being the capital city of Ghana, it is also the biggest commercial center and one of the major trade points on the ocean with ships from Europe and America coming through the ports. For this reason, the city is home to many foreign corporations looking to set up their headquarters in Ghana.

Legal advice is the giving of an official or personal opinion regarding the procedure or subject of the law as regards a particular legal issue. The provision of legal advice may involve examining a series of facts and suggesting an appropriate course of action depending on the applicable legislation. It may also relate to drafting a will or making a claim in the interests of a third party.

As opposed to an attorney, legal advice is given by one lawyer to another in the context of litigating a case. There are instances when s/he gives legal advice to clients in the context of forming and exercising a right or protecting their interests. Other times they provide the basis for a transaction by identifying the relevant legal standards or precedents. While an attorney provides the necessary guidance to clients, a lawyer provides the necessary legal knowledge or understanding that is necessary to enable the client to make informed decisions. While the latter is more of a function of professionalism and experience than anything else, the former has been described as the product of emotion and/or intuition.

It is clear that there is a difference between the two forms of legal advice. Legal advice pertains to guidance as to what future actions can be taken, whereas legal advice pertains to the actual conduct of a case, including the details of its background and conduct leading up to today's date. A lawyer who provides legal advice is not an expert in law, but rather, is an expert in the subject matter and has made a commitment to the discipline of law. Now that you know a little more about legal advice and CQ Legal & Consulting, it is time to visit their website to schedule an appointment to discuss your legal matters. You will be happy that you did!

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